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OzLoka provides a range of custom plastic lockers made is Australia for many purposes. Available in a variety of sizes to fit all types of locations, from tall industrial lockers to smaller pigeon holes for office use. We have a product available for you. Our highly functional range is durable and hard-wearing, giving you value well into the future. The patented modular system makes it easy to fit our lockers to the space you have available.
Your Lockers, Your Way

No matter your industry, provides the functionality and robustness you need with our custom lockers.

We provide lockers to businesses in the following industries:

Industrial: construction, mining, manufacturing, etc.
Office: corporate and small business.
Schools: primary, secondary, tertiary, training institutions, etc.
Sporting establishments: gyms, sports clubs, etc.
Phone Locker Solutions

Colour Choices

We have many options to colour furnishings, but lockers have always relied on expensive paints or wood treatment. Ozloka has stepped in here. Architects turn to us for our many colour options as well as countless colour combinations for doors and locker bodies. Our lockers flexible heights, widths and door options help the architects. Enabling them to fit any creative design they envisioned.