High-end to Low Cost Pedestrian Control Stanchions

Queue control systems are needed anywhere that you have to queue or congregate, like airports, medical centre, pharmacy, theatres, galleries, workplaces and sporting venues. Our family of crowd control products combines a range of materials, styles and accessories to ensure there is a solution for every situation, from high-end commercial to tough industrial environments.

SPACEPAC Hygiene Management Kits

The Pilot and Neata Systems are in use by many of the largest organisations and facilities in Australia, as they offer reliable solutions that can handle high- throughput public and workplace spaces.

When combined with their innovative attachments, Pilot and Neata can also be designed to help foster hygienic practices.

For example, with the cradle and pump bottle attachments and integrated signs promoting hygiene, the Pilot and Neata System can form an integral part of ensuring public and workplace safety and hygiene during the present COVID-19 outbreak.


Belt Posts

Hook Posts

Plain Posts

Gallery Barriers


Rectractable Belt


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