VTS Trolleys are supplied with dual heated and refrigerated sections. The insulated divider enables hot and cold dishes to be placed on a single tray (a full set of trays are supplied with each trolley).

Because the heating and refrigeration systems are built in to the trolleys, meal temperatures are guaranteed at all times that the trolley is powered.

Versigen VTS trolleys are supplied in two heights. Model codes with an ‘L’ are 1375mm high and models with an ‘H’ are 1610mm high. This enables us to offer a trolleys with a choice of capacity ranging from 18 trays and 32 trays.

In addition trolleys can be programmed to hold hot food or regenerate (rethermalise) cook-chilled meals. An additional option for cook-chill providers is our dual refrigeration ‘Chillogen’ system.

Cost effective and versatile solutions
The VTS trolley will pay for itself in a very short time, a highly competitive capital cost, reduction and better organisation of staff plus savings in overtime hours combine to make this a very sound investment. Maintenance and running costs are also low making the VTS trolley an attractive proposition for healthcare, homes and hospitals.

Labour saving
The trays are plated in the kitchen, loaded into the VTS trolley and no further handling is required until service. After the meal the soiled trays can be loaded into the trolley and returned to the wash up area.

Colour Choice
The Versigen Tray Service trolley end panels are available in a wide choice of colours so you can customise your trolleys to suit the decor or have a different colour for each ward.


Automatic 7-day timer (Chillogen models)
On board food probe and temperature display with ‘pass/fail’ indicator
Data logging system
Front and side panels available in a wide choice of colours