Perfect for buffet meal plating and service
One and two compartments can be specified for heating, regeneration, refrigeration, plate warming and our unique ‘Chillogen’ option. Heavy duty stainless steel or black ceramic glass heated serving top, heated gantry with serving shelf and full-depth toughened glass screen.

Do more for less
The Versigen VG Hostess Trolley takes bulk food regeneration to new levels of efficiency, versatility, convenience and cost effectiveness. From a single unit, you can increase day-to-day capacity or handle regular regeneration and distribution of quality meals, even with modest kitchen size and staff numbers. The V-gen trolley is unique in having a professional Thermo-Panel Hot Top that keeps the food really hot and presents it at its best.

Regeneration efficiency
Versigen’s Turbo Heat Generator and Multi-Fan Technology make the V-gen Trolley one of the fastest regeneration units on the market. This technology ensures even temperatures throughout the compartment. The oven generates the minimum of steam and evaporates it automatically. The doors can be opened for a short period without significant loss of heat or any risk of the operator being hit with a blast of hot air and steam. Five minutes before the end of the regeneration programme, the Hot Top will heat and the gantry will illuminate to indicate that the food will soon be ready for serving. This powerful unit can regenerate a full load with an electric loading of 6Kw using 2 x 15 amp plugs or with a single plug at 3kw. Alternatively 3 phase wiring or a combination of single and 3 phase is available.


  • Increases kitchen capacity
  • Ideal for day-to-day catering or regular scheduled distribution
  • Suitable for education or health sector bulk food catering either frozen or chilled
  • Low capital cost with big returns
  • Chillogen technology simplifies the whole system
  • Turbo Heat Generator keeps regeneration time to maximum efficiency
  • Profile Temperature Technology prevents burning or drying out
  • Thermo panel hot top keeps all food piping hot
  • Automated store/regenerate processes save time, effort and additional handling
  • 3D Data logging H.A.C.C.P. compliant

Advance preparation, freshly-cooked feel
Regenerated meals from the V-gen Trolley have the look and feel of freshly-cooked food, with a quality that will impress your customers. Fast heating time courtesy of the Turbo Heat Generator Technology, phased controlled regeneration temperatures thanks to Profile Temperature Technology and the uniform heat distribution of the Thermo panel hot top combine to ensure that customers get hot, attractive, nutritious food and prompt, efficient service.

One unit, many functions with Chillogen technology
When a unit is fitted with Chillogen, at a preset time, the refrigerator converts to an oven and regenerates the chilled food to the recommended temperature of 80/85°C. If there is any delay, the trolley will automatically hold the correct core temperature until it is convenient to serve the food. V-gen can keep food hot, Keep food cold, serve ice cream, warm up plates and refrigerate all in one unit!

Cost-effective and versatile solution
The Chillogen VG Trolley will pay for itself in a very short time. A highly competitive capital cost, reduction and better organisation of staff, plus savings in overtime hours combine to make this a very sound investment. Maintenance and running costs are also low, making the V-gen Trolley an attractive proposition for schools, colleges and universities, healthcare homes and hospitals.

Options include;
Automatic 7-day timer (Chillogen models)
On board food probe and temperature display with ‘pass/fail’ indicator
Data Logging System
Front and side panels available in a wide choice of colours.