Binsafe Manual Trolley with 1 bin hook

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The Multi-Dolly Trolley builds on the Essential with the addition of a third wheel which takes the load of the tilted bin off your back

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Make wheelie bin handling safer in your work place

The new model is a combination of the ‘Multi’ and the ‘Dolly’. In other words it has a cargo bar which enables it to carry up to four bins and also has the third wheel which takes the ‘tilt’ load. It will be supplied with one handling bracket.

Wheelie bins are a necessity for most commercial, industrial and institutional sites, but often harbour potential WH&S hazards. Wheelie bins are inherently unstable and can lead to wrist, forearm and spinal injuries.

The BinSafe Wheelie Bin Handling System helps avoid workplace injuries through greater leverage, failsafe braking and added stability. Most important of all, it has a swivel castor undercart, which takes all of the weight of the bin off the operator’s back once it is tilted. The innovative trolley design also reduces hygiene concerns, eliminating the need for direct bin contact.
It’s safe & easy to use

To load, simply slide the trolley into place so that the shaft hooks locate under the bin handle bar. Apply the brake and pull back. To unload, tilt the trolley forward until the bin touches the ground then allow the trolley to run backwards until the trolley hooks are clear of the bin handlebar.
System benefits

Essentially, the BinSafe Wheelie Bin Handling System alleviates the shortcomings of the traditional wheelie bin.

Bins will no longer be a WH&S hazard in your workplace and the job will be done quicker.






Bin-Safe Trolley (pdf) Manufacturer's Manual (pdf) Bin Safe Risk Assessment (pdf) Operating Instructions (pdf)






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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 75 x 26 x 140 cm


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