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tallboyWe are the proud manufacturer of the largest range of tallboy linen exchange trolleys in Australia.

Each of our seven models have been innovatively designed for linen exchange at hospitals, retirement villages, aged care centres, resorts, motels and other facilities. Many customers including private and public linen service companies and government departments are proving the benefits of the expanding Rotoplas Tallboy Linen Exchange Trolley range over existing wire mesh designs.

Various sizes and features allow our laundry trolleys to be used in various applications to suit your requirements. We recommend our TLET7 as the ultimate choice for a clean linen trolley or ward trolley for bulk delivery of clean linen, because it has a fully enclosed top for maximum hygiene, optional covers and fixed shelves, and fully open front for easy access to linen shelves. Our TLET2 is the winner for bulk collection of soiled linen, with its high front and wider lip edge for containment of soiled linen bags. Our TLET1 is best used for linen exchange, with slots for shelf use as shelves for clean linen or bin fronts for containing soiled linen, and fully open access for taking advantage of both of these features.

TALLBOY Linen Trolleys (PDF)

Benefits of our tallboy linen trolleys

  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Superior hygiene through ease of sterilisation
  • Low noise operation
  • Rust free
  • Range of options and colours
  • Reduced maintenance costs