Keep your industrial workers safe with traffic control systems

With so many powered industrial vehicles whizzing around warehouses, distribution centers and ports, the threat of an accident involving a truck or forklift is always present.

However, with the right traffic control systems in place, businesses can significantly lower the chances of employee injury related to such accidents.

The most common powered industrial vehicle accidents occur when forklift drivers inadvertently travel too far and fall off the edge of loading platforms.

Other common accidents include backover injuries, those that occur when employees fail to secure rigs to loading platforms and when large vehicles tip over.

While employee safety will always be best with the right training, there are plenty of products you can use to make your workplace the safest environment possible.

For example, Tru-Gard Bollards are a great way to protect your facility, assets and workers from industrial vehicles. These items are most commonly used to protect pallet racking, door tracks and the corners of walls. If necessary, these poles can be fixed into concrete for heavy duty mounting.

There are also removable options that can be set in front of entrances and doors to protect employees.

However, such durable equipment isn’t always necessary. In certain cases, it may be better to use a Veriflex KnockDown sign or post mounting system. These require no internal cables that can fray or snap, and can be easily installed anywhere in a workplace.

These often include Stop or Give Way signs that if struck won’t be damaged, but rather will flop down and spring back up.

Other items you may want to consider to improve warehouse safety include pedestrian barriers,impact absorbing technologies, speed humps and machine guarding systems.