Battery Electric Tugs Improved Efficiency 40% for MPTTC Company in Australia.

Electric Tug

MPTTC Co is a speciality heavy industry manufacturer in Australia that wished to solve some material handling and safety issues.

They primarily supply equipment to mining companies who demand heavy-duty equipment for their applications.

MPTTC is able to engineer and improve their mining products by using a new heat treatment process to enhance the mechanical attributes of their products.

Mark Jackman, Engineering and Safety Manager at MPTTC , worked with an ​ Australian company that provides and distributes electric tugs, Alitrak Australia.

He advised them that “Loading and handling the bulky equipment in to and out of the furnace is a demanding tasks which involve the manual manoeuvring of heavy industrial trolleys’’. We have been looking to enhance our loading systems for some time, not only to advance health and safety but to remove the manual requirement for operators for moving those heavy and dangerous trolleys.”

Alitrak Australia
Alitrak Australia Electric Tug Trolley Mover


By using a battery electric powered tug, MPTTC workers were able to increase the number of trolleys they could load from three at a time to four. Additionally, the equipment allowed the personnel to avoid​  having to approach​close to​the furnace and other heat treatment equipment.

This solution addressed the risks involved with manual handling of material and brought efficiencies in the process, resulting in about 40% increase in output.

The tug worked so well that the company also purchased another series of tugs to replace their traditional waste management system with a new economic and functional solution provided by Alitrak Australia’s expert technical team.

The purchase of additional electric tugs is something Alitrak Australia sees a lot. Versatility is one of the primary benefits of electric powered tugs.

When companies see how well the equipment works on one issue, they can use the equipment on​many​other applications, replacing the manual labour​r system with Alitrak Electric Tugs, spares personnel the physical strain and risk of injury associated with pushing and pulling heavy equipment.

It also allows employees to get more done, which increases efficiency considerably.

If your job includes strenuous pushing or pulling tasks, it can be enhanced with a battery electric tug.

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