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Battery Electric Tugs Improved Efficiency 40% for MPTTC Company in Australia.

Electric Tug

MPTTC Co is a speciality heavy industry manufacturer in Australia that wished to solve some material handling and safety issues. They primarily supply equipment to mining companies who demand heavy-duty equipment for their applications. MPTTC is able to engineer and improve their mining products by using a new heat treatment process to enhance the mechanical […]

Eliminating employee strain with Wheelie bin Lifter or tipper

Liftmaster Wheelie bin lifter and tipper available with electric or manual. Employee strains are an extremely hidden risk in industrial businesses because they occur over long periods, but that doesn’t mean they are any less of a threat than acute injuries. In fact, employee strains are one of the most common reasons employees need time […]

Keep National Safe Work Australia Month in mind

October may be on its way out, but there’s still time to ensure your business is doing its part to raise awareness of National Safe Work Australia Month and take part in any of the several activities going on around the country. Last years’ inaugural program was such a success, Safe Work Australia felt it […]

Carbis Australia can help with trans-loading dilemmas

One of the biggest problems resource companies face is how to efficiently transport their materials to rail lines and throughout the rest of the country. The best answer for this is to have a strong transloading system in place, which can easily and quickly transfer loads between trucks and other hauling vehicles and rail cars. […]

Interested in catering? Make sure you’ve got the right equipment

The catering business is packed with innovative appliances that can make any job profoundly easier, whether it’s through better and more efficient refrigeration, faster heat times or other related measurements. For example, one of the best products on the market right now is the Chillogen – a portable tool that provides the best chilled storage […]

Keep your industrial workers safe with traffic control systems

With so many powered industrial vehicles whizzing around warehouses, distribution centers and ports, the threat of an accident involving a truck or forklift is always present. However, with the right traffic control systems in place, businesses can significantly lower the chances of employee injury related to such accidents. The most common powered industrial vehicle accidents […]