The right equipment can get you around the warehouse easily

Warehouse operators often have to balance the best products available for moving and lifting products with the space that their facility allows for them.

However, with the right product, it’s possible for warehouse managers to accomplish all necessary tasks without sacrificing power, manoeuvrability or noise control in the workplace.

Skatework Battery Electric Stand-On or Sit-On Tug

Skatework Battery Electric Stand-On or Sit-On Tug

One of the best examples is the Skatework Battery Electric Stand-On or Sit-On Tug available from Spacepac Industries. This product is ideal for any warehouse work that must be conducted in narrow aisles and indoor, as the trolley was designed to fit into tight spaces and gives off zero pollution.

The design is extremely compact, making it the ideal choice for any plant manager worried about fitting powerful hauling equipment into the far corners of the facility.

The Skatework Battery Electric Tow Motor features a drawbar hitch that is perfect not only for pulling trolleys, but several other types of industrial equipment.

The machine is so powerful it can pull up to 1,000kg, and there are even some models available that have pulling power of 3,000kg.

But the machine isn’t all brawn and no brains. The powerful electric drive motor is controlled by an advanced microprocessor, which leads to pollution-free use that is compliant with regulations established by governments all over the world.

It’s dimensions were designed to fit most production and assembly lines, as well as standard confined spaces typically found in plants and other industrial settings.

Just because a warehouse has small aisles and spaces doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on power and speed. The right product could help businesses get more done areas previously unreachable by bulkier vehicles.

Spacepac Battery Electric Tugs

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