The good business sense behind hiring electric tugs

Once a business has made the decision to invest in new machinery, the next course of action is typically to look at the cost benefit ratios of hiring this equipment versus buying it for the long haul.

Alitrak TT600 Battery Electric Tug Available for Hire

Alitrak TT600 Battery Electric Tug Available for Hire

While there are certainly advantages to both options, businesses operating under varying conditions or at different stages in their development may find it much more beneficial to hire new equipment. This is especially true for any project work that may only last a short period of time.

By hiring machinery, business can avoid capital outlay on large upfront costs, and then the business does not have to perform any of the required paperwork that goes along with equipment purchase. Depreciation, maintenance, storage and unscheduled repairs are also common costs associated with buying machinery, which won’t be passed on when equipment is hired.

Spacepac has developed a line of products that are especially useful when hired. For just $24 per day, any company can rent the Alitrak TT600 – a universal industrial workhorse that has several applications. For example, if a company is re-arranging its own heavy warehouse equipment, it can hire the Alitrak TT600 for as long as it takes to the complete the project.

Similarly, if a business is moving office space, it can use the product to carry server cases, printers, CPUs and other bulky equipment.

Once done, the Alitrak TT600 tug goes back to Alitrak, requiring no maintenance or storage on the part of the company. Alitrak is flexible with its pricing, and if it is needed for weeks or months at a time, there are price schedules to accommodate for this.

Designed for basic tasks and single shift operations, the Alitrak TT600 is ideal for any short-term moving work.

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