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Marine Loading Arms – A safer, more secure way to transfer products

One of the more common issues with those working with marine vessels comes with the loading and loading of product. The hoses that are used are often extremely heavy and cumbersome to move, while also causing a tripping hazard for your workers.

However, Carbis has developed marine loading and unloading arms, which are designed to help eliminate these troublesome issues with ease.

Marine Loading Arms Can Increase Efficiency, Safety and Productivity

Marine Loading Arms Can Increase Efficiency, Safety and Productivity

These self-supporting systems provide a flexible range of bending and weight factors, in order to ensure your company can continue to function at the highest level possible – increasing both productivity and safety.

The potential for injury or accidents to occur is reduced when the work is overtaken by a partially or fully automated machine, helping to keep you and your workers safe while they’re onsite.

Furthermore, there is more room for productivity, with only one person being required for a job which usually needs the involvement of at least two workers.

The marine loading and unloading arms are operated by hand controls and hydraulic power, which reduces the amount of manpower needed to functionally operate the system.

The marine loading arms are also equipped with environmental fail safes. These are designed to help prevent major spills of oil, chemicals, or other hazardous materials that these ships could be transporting. This is designed to avoid expensive incidents from occurring – both financially and environmentally.

The arms can be custom made to suit your application for them, and can be made from a variety of different materials including carbon steel, low temperature steel, and stainless steel.

Carbis marine loading and unloading arms can be integrated into a new dock, or retrofit into an existing dock, depending on your company’s situation.

Furthermore, a reduction in maintenance and operation costs can help you to save time and money – which can further help you to increase the safety and productivity of your worksite.

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