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Interested in catering? Make sure you’ve got the right equipment

The catering business is packed with innovative appliances that can make any job profoundly easier, whether it’s through better and more efficient refrigeration, faster heat times or other related measurements.

For example, one of the best products on the market right now is the Chillogen – a portable tool that provides the best chilled storage environment alongside a fast regeneration oven.

Spacepac Single Tray Service Trolley System

With our innovative Chillogen technology, regenerated food looks and tastes like it’s fresh from the chef’s oven

Both are housed in a single compartment on wheels, making it easier than ever to take the professional chef’s kitchen on the road.

The Chillogen uses next-generation technology that can help cater food to plates, load the unit, switch on, store, regenerate and unload easier than ever. The entire cycle can be automated, give caterers more time to focus on the event at hand.

Overall, these banqueting trolleys can lead to faster service, easier planning and better food quality.

If you’d rather focus on cooking and serving piping hot food, there are several trolleys available that are designed to do just that. The Versigen VG trolley ensures food is always kept at the ideal temperature without burning it or drying it out.

When it comes time to serve the food, caterers can relax knowing that diners will receive hot, appealing and nutritious food quickly and efficiently.

This is an ideal choice for any hospital or similar operation that needs to distribute food throughout a large facility.

For trayed meals, one of the best options is the Gemini trolley, which eliminates the risks of employees burning themselves by handling hot food. Food can be plated in the kitchen, put on trays and loaded directly into the trolley.

Whether it’s for a traveling catering business or for corporate lunches, the right equipment can make all the difference.

When looking at supply and linen trolleys, go lightweight

Hotels, hospitals and linen services all move huge amounts of clothes, bedding and other items long distances every day.

While it makes sense to invest in a good trolley that will lower employee strain and fatigue while lasting for years, many businesses overlook the importance of choosing a product that is both durable and lightweight.

Finding this good ratio between durability and weight is often rooted in the design of the trolley. For example, a medium-duty trolley will most likely have enough vertical bars to ensure all items stay in their place, but not an excessive amount that would add unnecessary bulk.

However, there are several specifications to look for in a supply and linen trolley aside from the ideal weight. An open supply trolley, for example, is best for carrying bulkier items that can be stacked. These products have three enclosed sides with vertical bars and an open side for loading and unloading contents.

The best models will have a six-wheel configuration that makes manoeuvrability simpler than ever, but also ensures operators can move the trolley in a straight line with ease.

For any operations that deal specifically with linen bags, it may be best to choose a trolley that has three enclosed sides with vertical bars as well as two removable diagonal bars that work to keep linen in even when the trolley is moving.

Linen Trolleys‐Medium Duty

This Open Trolley has three enclosed sides with vertical bars.
Powder coat finish with two vertical handles, and a mesh base.


Both of these products are available from Spacepac Laundry / Linen Trolleys, and offer the needed six-wheel configuration as well as a mesh bottom that helps keep overall weight down.

When purchased from Spacepac, these products can even be tailored to individual operations. For example, if a trolley needs to travel greater distances, there are models available that can accommodate for this.

Spacepac Laundry / Linen Trolleys