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Carbis can help with transloading dilemmas

One of the biggest problems resource companies face is how to efficiently transport their materials to rail lines and throughout the rest of the country.

The best answer for this is to have a strong transloading system in place, which can easily and quickly transfer loads between trucks and other hauling vehicles and rail cars.

Unfortunately, there is ample room for error in this strategy, and it requires serious planning and solutions for it to be cost effective.

This is where Carbis’ products and solutions can come in handy. Even when a company’s project is nowhere near a railway, Carbis can help ensure the cargo or materials makes it from the extraction point to the shipping port without a single spill.

Transloading Portable Access Platform - Buzzard

Transloading Portable Access Platform – Buzzard

In one example, Carbis helped a natural gas liquids company that needed a mobile transloading cart with a mounted skid that could load 250# and 400# rail cars. In addition to efficiency, the company wanted to maximise safety with all the proper safety equipment.

Finally, the solution required metering and ticketing systems since custody transfer was involved in the process.

Carbis added a compressor, a meter and a ticket printer to the transfer skid, which was then appropriately mounted on the frame of the trailer. Staying true to its focus on safety, the company also installed non-slip stairs to connect the platform.

To increase employee access, the system was given a platform gangway that – in the name of safety – featured a cage to ensure fall prevention while still letting workers do their jobs freely.

The end result was a transloading system that allowed the company to quickly and easily transfer its products from remote wellheads to transport trucks and then rail cars – all while minimising waste and increasing employee safety.

Improving worker safety with barge access gangways

One of the primary concerns for any mining company is ensuring the wellbeing of its workers, which is why safety equipment is a vital investment.

There are many areas in which a business can boost its employee safety procedures, including barge-loading processes.

Any mining company that frequently moves metals and minerals via barges should have the best possible safety structures in place, with these upgrades often enhancing productivity.

Many businesses still use a combination of old gangways and ladders to access, repair and exit the dock and barges, posing a threat to worker safety and failing to maximise the efficiency of time and human resources.

Barge Gangways | Marine Access | Marine Loading

Carbis Barge Gangways | Marine Access | Marine Loading

Carbis Incorporated, a world leader in fall prevention solutions, can provide high-end marine access technology that not only makes processes more effective, but by creating a safer working environment can also boost staff morale.

For example, a fixed barge access gangway means personnel can quickly and safely get on and off the vessel at any tide level.

Due to it being fixed in place, this removes the need for a forklift to move a gangway or ladder into place, saving valuable time with each use.

But what safety accessories does the gangway have to ensure worker wellbeing remains top of the agenda?

Well, as a single piece of equipment it is much more reliable, and it also has handrails and a sturdy walk surface.

Carbis Incorporated’s clients have touted the benefits of these products, claiming they have maximised the efficiency of loading processes, while preventing all worker injuries caused by unsafe access equipment.

Any business looking to set itself apart from its competitors should consider investing in Carbis’ range of safety equipment.

Carbis’ attentiveness, response time and experience of the marine access solutions market ensures a premium service at all times.

CARBIS – The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment

The right products for moving ethanol/biodiesel

As economies around the world continue to shift toward more sustainable operations, the demand for “green” fuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel, has skyrocketed.

Any company that focuses on the synthesis, movement, refinement or distribution of petrochemicals or other liquid fuel sources would be remiss not to start working with the fuel sources. A recent report from Environmental Entrepreneurs found that US biofuels capacity for 2013 is at 1 billion gallons of gasoline equivalent.

This number is expected to rise to between 1.4 billion and 1.6 billion by 2015. The fuel source has prompted 159 companies to construct 160 commercial facilities dedicated to biofuels.

It’s clearly in chemical and fuel company’s best interest to capitalise on demand for biofuels. Carbis Inc. has noted this rising interest in the new fuels, and has developed several products that make it easier for companies to work with these materials.

Loading and Offloading Fluid Skid Systems

Carbis Loading and Offloading Fluid Skid Systems

Carbis has developed a program that lets it skid-mount any loading and metering system, regardless if it’s used for loading or unloading skid systems for tank trucks and rail cars, fuel transfers or similar tasks.

The fluid handling systems are also ideal for moving and transferring ethanol, which has also grabbed the attention of environmental groups around the world. This fuel source can be made from several forms of feedstocks, including grain, sorghum, hemp, barley, potatoes and others. These fuels burn extremely clean, so they comply with many of the world’s stringent emissions regulations.

Perhaps best of all, Carbis designs these structures specifically to meet the needs of unique loading and unloading facilities. Using a compact design, Carbis’ products take up less floor space in any given plant or warehouse, and require very little maintenance.

Altogether, this means a more productive operation and a better bottom line.

CARBIS – The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment

Varying vehicle widths require Carbis telescoping ramps

Loading, repair and shipping organisations can give their business a significant boost when they can perform work on any vehicle regardless of its shape or size.

However, it takes the right infrastructure to accommodate vehicles that come in varying widths. When an operation attempts to perform work on a non-standard size vehicle, it creates new fall hazards that could seriously jeopardise the operation.

Typically, gaps will open between the vehicle and the truck or rail car gangway. This puts workers in danger of falls or even crush-between accidents that could lead to costly downtime and medical expenses.

Carbis Telescoping Ramp

Telescoping Ramp Eliminates Gaps during Vehicle, Hatch Access

To remedy this problem, Carbis Inc. developed its Carbis Telescoping Ramps that can extend to reach even vehicles with the smallest width. Operators can extend the gangway with minimal effort, which will encourage them to make sure it fits snug with the vehicle during every operation.

The ramp comes with an adjustable tension spring that makes raising and lowering extremely easy. To further increase overall safety and keep accidents to a minimum, the platform is made with a slip-resistant walking surface.

What’s more, Carbis can design, manufacture and install these products so that they fit with existing loading and unloading infrastructure, and are compliant with any company requirements that are already in place.

The telescopic access gangway can be fabricated using either aluminium or steel, which can also be galvanised, primed, milled or painted. Stainless steel is also an option, and is ideal for any operation that needs to stand up to environmental rigours.

Further driving down costs, the ramp requires very little maintenance, and any repairs that must be made can be performed in the field.

Improving industrial safety, especially in shipping and loading operations, can lead to a much more productive workforce.

Carbis – Access Gangway

Chemical companies turn to Carbis to improve safety during cleaning operations

Workers at chemical plants and manufacturing companies are exposed to several hazards, ranging from exposure to harmful liquids to fires and explosions.

Mitigating these risks is essential for any company that works in this space; however, this can sometimes be a time-consuming and costly affair. The best way to keep workers safe while minimising downtime and overall costs, several companies have found, is to turn to products from Carbis Inc.

Carbis truck-cleaning solutions

Carbis truck-cleaning solutions

In one instance, a chemical development company needed a better way to clean its liquid tank truck trailers. The group needed to focus on safety and productivity, so it consulted with Carbis to design and build a better Access Gangway that was unique to the organisation’s operating conditions.

Before Carbis’ review, the company was using two gangways fitted alongside each other to give employees access to hatches on top of its liquid tank truck trailers. However, this design created several fall hazards since there was no protective cage between the two gangways. Anytime employees had to transfer from one platform to another, serious fall hazards arose.

When designing the new system, Carbis’ renowned flexibility, experiences and customer commitment shined brilliantly, as the system was tailor-made to meet the company’s requirements.

In only eight months, Carbis was able to design a product that was exactly what the chemical company needed to give productivity a boost and keep its workers safe.

Carbis specialises in making gangways safer for any organisation. The company offers several accessories that can also be retrofitted onto existing gangways to increase safety, including safety cages for trucking and rail applications, track mounting systems, power accessories and swing gates.

Companies that have partnered with Carbis say the increased safety allows them to put more focus on the task at hand, leading to higher productivity and customer satisfaction.

Carbis truck-cleaning solutions

Carbis loading skids keep bulk liquid handling workers safe

When material handling workers need to move caustic and dangerous liquids from one area or mode of transport to another, there are several risks involved that could jeopardise their safety and even lead to much higher workplace injury costs.

However, Carbis Incorporated has developed loading skids that focus on the safe handling of such dangerous liquids.

Whether handling biodiesel, ethanol or caustic substances like chemicals, these workers can be exposed to serious risks. Safework Australia has outlined what dangers are present when workers operate around dangerous liquids, which range from chemical reactions to explosions and fires.

The petroleum and chemical manufacturing industries contain some of the most dangerous bulk liquids hazards. Biodiesel bitumen and other petrols can generate extremely harmful – and flammable – gasses.

The group recommended that any operation where workers handle caustic liquids should “consider installing automated systems to dispense or transfer chemicals between containers”. It also suggests wearing all necessary protective equipment.

Carbis’ loading skids are the solution to this safety problem. These products offer workers the safest possible access to material movers, transferring bulk liquids quickly, efficiently and safely.

The mobile transloading access system features carts that can perform chemical transfers that meet industry and federal compliance standards. The products use pump and metering systems, loading arms and hose handlers to keep workers safe from liquid exposure.

Pump & Metering Skids

Pump & Metering Skids
Full Range of Loading and Unloading Skid Systems Available from Carbis

Further ensuring employee safety, all transloading access systems focus on fall prevention as well, and are built with non-skid surfaces, handrails and safe fold-out access ramps.

By implementing pump and metering skids built by Carbis, businesses can rest assured that the mechanics and electronics of the product are backed by the company’s commitment to quality. Moreover, all system parts are thoroughly tested at the factory to ensure customer satisfaction.

CARBIS – The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment

Understanding the risk of falls during work on flatbed trucks

Fall prevention and hazard mitigation is obvious when workers operate at serious heights.

Platforms that are several stories in the air or staircases that workers use to reach the tops of silos or towers are most commonly associated with fatal or injurious workplace accidents. But many organisations tend to overlook the inherent dangers found in work that is performed at less-dizzying heights.

A fall from any height is considered one of the most serious forms of workplace injuries in all Australian workplaces. This, however, includes relatively simple tasks such as stacking shelves, repairing low roofs or – in many cases in the transport industry – loading and unloading flatbed trucks.

The Queensland government has been especially vocal about warning employers of the dangers of falls from relatively low areas. One report stated that all designers, manufacturers, suppliers and installers of plant structures must create products that feature fall prevention in some form.

“Workers have a duty to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that they do not adversely affect the health and safety of other persons,” read the report, issued by the Department of Justice and Attorney-General.

“Workers must comply with any reasonable instruction given by the person conducting the business or undertaking”

For the transport industry, this may mean integrating Carbis’ flatbed fall protection systems. These solutions let workers safely access a flatbed’s uneven and unsteady working surfacers, and can also let the employee climb on top of a loaded trailer without the chance of falling.

Carbis Canopy

Carbis Canopy

Many times these heights won’t exceed one or two metres, however reports have shown this is more than enough room to cause injuries. With the right Carbis flatbed tarping platforms or overhead tarping systems, you can keep workers safe and ensure on-time deliveries.

CARBIS – The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment

Keeping your operations going with Carbis’ structural products

When industrial facilities need to make significant structural changes to their design, such as adding new stair towers, platforms and catwalks, pipe racks or canopies, many fear the downtime could wreak havoc on productivity.

However, businesses that have undertaken such projects by consulting Carbis Inc. have found that not only can the company build crucial industrial structures that focus on safety, they do so on-time, guaranteed.

Customers say Carbis’ on-time guarantee helps them plan around the construction phase of adding new industrial equipment, keeping uptime to its maximum. Companies can choose from either pre-designed structures or fittings that are custom-made and unique to any facility.

While many organisations say quick build times and quality products can’t go together, Carbis has developed strategies that ensure strong and well-crafted structures that meet all regulatory compliance safety measures. The engineers on staff can look over any facility to determine exactly what structures would improve productivity the most and increase employee safety.

The company maintains its strict timetables by constructing the bulk of the structure off-site, then shipping it in modular components for simple bolt-up installation.

Stair towers, for example, can be extremely hazardous for industrial workers. But when fall prevention measures are integrated with the initial design of the stairs and rails, it can create a safety net like no other.

Stair Towers

Stair Towers
OSHA Compliant and Multi-Level to Fit Your Needs

Carbis’ stairs are made of galvanised steel and feature fall prevention through mid rails, top rails and no large gaps between any of the steps. Businesses can choose between a paint or powder coat over the steel, and the stairwells can extend up to any height necessary.

In addition to meeting federal or state requirements, Carbis structures can be customised to meet the needs of any standards individual plants or corporations have.

CARBIS – The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment

Avoiding costly falls during truck unloading projects

If a transportation company were to boil down operations to the two most important factors, many would agree they would be workplace safety and productivity.

Carbis had this in mind when designing its suite of single hatch truck access platforms, which can be tailor-made to several operations. The single hatch solution, for example, makes it easier and safer than ever to reach hatches on both rail cars and tanker trucks.

Truck Access Platforms - Single Hatch

Truck Access Platforms – Single Hatch

One of the best perks of these systems is that they can be installed on existing infrastructure, relieving companies of unnecessary expenditures on demolition and extra construction. This also significantly decreases downtown, and in turn, boosts productivity.

Carbis’ truck loading platform solutions feature fall prevention equipment and loading arms that are designed to work seamlessly with each other. These functions are paired with a large cage that keeps workers protected from any workplace hazards without constricting them to a small working environment.

With more than 40 years of experience, Carbis has mastered the entire design and construction process. The platforms can be assembled extremely quickly, helping businesses save both time and money, and there are several construction options available.

What once took several loading platforms to accomplish can now be done with the right customised Carbis truck loading platform. Not only does this free up floor space in loading and unloading areas, less infrastructure means lower costs on overall maintenance and repairs.

The product is made with galvanised steel that is impervious to corrosion, although other materials can be used if necessary. Similarly, the platforms come in three standard sizes, however they can be tailored to any operation depending on its specifications.

Companies all over the world have turned to Carbis’ solutions to improve workplace safety, comply with federal standards and lower overall operating costs.

CARBIS – The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment

Safe access to any ship on any dock

For some docking and shipping applications, permanent gangways and access ladders work well to ensure employees can easily move between docks and boats.

However, more often than not, these operations will require non-permanent dock access systems that can be easily installed and removed whenever necessary. These types of gangways are ideal for any organisation whose workers embark or disembark on ships, barges or tankers on a regular basis.

Removable gangways also make it easier than ever to remain flexible, which is crucial for any operation that must move regularly with the tide. Considering ship decks also come in several heights, these gangways make it easy to access any vessel, no matter its size.

All this suggests that every docking system is unique and thus gangways will need to match these conditions. For many, Carbis Inc.’s solutions have solved all of these problems at an extremely affordable cost.

The company’s stage gangways come in several sizes and feature rigid handrails that make it safer than ever to get from one area of a dock to another. By using a rope handrail, Carbis was able to keep the overall weight of the product down, making it extremely portable.

Bowed Truss Gangway

Bowed Truss Gangway
Provide non-permanent dock access.

If necessary, employees can easily install rollers on the dockside of the gangway, so that any movement from the ship is absorbed by the structure. This is just another level of safety that will lower the chances of employee accidents.

Moreover, Carbis’ gangways can be outfitted with a slip resistant coating and angled cleats, which are all part of the company’s fall prevention solution.

By focusing on the right gangway, businesses can see higher safety, lower downtime and ultimately larger revenue streams.

CARBIS – The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment