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Improve mobility throughout your site with the Carbis platform and crossover range

If you’re after platforms that can be customised to your specific requirements, look no further than the Carbis platform and crossover range.


A combination of several components, the crossover options from Carbis can be used to traverse pipes in your company – in order to increase ease of travel throughout your site.

The crossovers are available on their own, and can be constructed from aluminium, steel (galvanised, primed, mill or painted), stainless steel, and corrosion-resistant, non-conductive fibreglass.

Furthermore, all these products come with tread decking for improved slip-resistance that can stand up to all weather conditions to assure your workers’ safety. All units manufactured must meet or exceed all applicable OSHA, ANSI, and Australian health and safety standards.

There are also a range of platforms available for you to utilise. These can be used as a catwalk around silos, as a loading platform, or a structural platform.

These platforms are available in a variety of materials, including aluminium, steel and corrosion-resistant, non-conductive fibreglass.

This material allows for strong, lightweight equipment that saves on freight and helps to make configuration a little easier. The fasteners also resist rust for extended periods of time – helping to increase their overall lifespan.

Furthermore, there are also fixed cage ladder solutions available, allowing for quick and easy access to your platforms in order to effectively take care of the jobs at hand.

Now all of your employees can safely and easily access hard-to-reach areas by walking safely over hazards using the platform.

Carbis crossovers and platforms are all made to your business’s specifications, allowing you to fully customise the dimensions of your investment – giving you further freedom to manoeuvre around your company’s site without hindrance.

Investing in the Carbis platform and crossover range can help to increase your worker efficiency to boost productivity, and facilitate a safer work environment for everyone on your site.

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