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Cleaning carts are far more than just mobile rubbish bins

There’s much more to cleaning carts than meets the eye, and although they may just look like trash cans on wheels, an ideal cart will give an employee all the necessary items to get the job done right.

Spacepac Cleaning Carts

Revolutionary line of highly featured, high aesthetic compact
cleaning carts for light cleaning and waste collection

SpacePac has a revolutionary line of Spacepac cleaning carts that come with a number of options for waste collection, all caged in an aesthetically pleasing case that can go anywhere.

In addition to the rubbish bin, these carts will have tool organisation compartments that easily store tongs, scrapers, pens and dusters. Below this there is a nine gallon storage compartment with a wide opening that makes it easy to store and retrieve all kinds of cleaning supplies.

The ergonomically designed handle ensures operator comfort, and the ideal height of the grips make it easy to see above and around the mobile unit. There are also several hooks along the sides of the product, which workers can use to hang a range of products. This may include mops, brooms or window cleaners.

At the center of the cart is the patent-pending 2-way rubbish door, which meets all hygienic requirements. The doors can open front to back or side to side – whatever is easiest for the operator.

SpacePac also has a long line of compact waste and cleaning carts available. These products have many of the same offerings as the standard cleaning cart, but are more tailored for waste stream management systems and the segregation of recyclables and waste.

Both products come with non-marking swivel castors that make handling in tight spaces a breeze, as well as rubber tool grips that make it easy to hang on to the cart no matter how heavy it gets.

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