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Carbis Lifeline systems – Safe, easy access to trucks and rail car access hatches

One of the biggest hazards on most work sites occurs when workers fall from high places, off the tops of truck trailers and rail carts. One of the solutions created by Carbis is known as a trolley beam system, or lifeline system.

Trolley Beam Systems

Trolley Beam Systems

The line, which connects to a stable metal frame, wraps around the worker as a harness – allowing them to walk freely across the vehicle without the risk of slipping and falling.

There are a number of advantages in using the lifeline system over a traditional cable system. One of the main differences is the distance one can fall before being stopped.

A cable system can potentially let a person fall 1.2 to 1.8 metres before the fall is totally arrested. During this time, it is entirely possible for the worker to sustain secondary injuries from impacting with the truck or other objects in the vicinity.

The lifeline system, however, is designed to stop a fall within less than 0.6 metres, significantly reducing the chances of injury occurring on the worksite.

These systems can be operated hands-free and utilise a self-retracting lifeline to allow freedom of movement, offering the user full use of their arms and legs while they get to work on the top of vehicle – sampling goods, loading/unloading, inspecting, or connecting hoses to outlets.

Furthermore, like all Carbis products, these lifeline systems can be custom made to fit your specific needs or existing on-site infrastructure.

They can be designed with either single or multiple car access points and offer you an economical, environmentally safe solution for getting to the access hatches on a variety of vehicles – including tanks cars, hopper trucks and seatainers.

If you’re interested in an innovative, safer way for your workers to get to access hatches around your worksite, consider investing in a Carbis lifeline system today.

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