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Hospitals turn to Spacepac Industries to lower employee strain and fatigue

One of the most common and critical tasks hospital employees perform has also been linked to serious chronic injuries: Moving beds through hallways.

Not only are the direct costs associated with employee injury and fatigue rising, but this can also have a negative impact on overall employee morale.

Some estimates suggest hospital staff can pull or push heavy equipment as far as 20 kilometres every day. Moreover, as these beds become more complex and are outfitted with more monitors and controls, the total weight is only getting higher.

EVO Mover - Battery Powered Bed Mover

EVO Mover – Battery Powered Bed Mover


To protect hospital employees from fatigue, and in turn lower healthcare-related costs, Spacepac Industries developed the EVO Mover Battery Powered Bed Mover.

The machine sets itself apart from other bed movers in that it pulls from the front, meaning operators can begin turning as soon as they come upon the corner or door frame. The mover works in all hallways, elevators and ramps, eliminating the chance of employee strain, exhaustion or injury no matter the workplace – hospital, doctor’s office, retirement home or other setting.

Just adding to its many benefits, the mover also lowers the risk of Work Cover claims. A safer hospital environment means employees will be happier, less inclined to hurt themselves and also less likely to file costly claims.

All movement is controlled by a portable handset, ensuring an employee never has to bend over and risk physical torsion strain. Even the bed-mover connection process is automated and easy. All an operator has to do is click a button and the mover hooks itself up to bed all on its own.

Keeping the patients in mind too, Spacepac Industries developed the Bed Mover to operate quietly, ensuring patients can sleep soundly even when being moved.

With a battery lifetime of 1-3 days between charges, this is the ideal way to improve conditions during any hospital shift.

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