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Increase your airport’s efficiency with the help of the Spacepac Tug Range

Airports are our portal to the world. Everyday, there are thousands of people coming and going from one place to another.

Whether these people are coming to and leaving the airport for business, holidays, family reunions or the thrill of travelling, it is imperative that the operations within an airport run smoothly and successfully.

Spacepac XL-H400 Battery Electric Trolley Mover

Spacepac XL-H400 Battery Electric Trolley Mover

However, sometimes there can be issues with moving various pieces of equipment through an airport with ease, which is where electric push and pull solutions from Spacepac Tugs can come in handy.

For example, when it comes to loading passenger luggage into a plane for their flights, there can be a huge number of bags and personal effects to load into the aircraft – especially for a long-haul, international flight.

Investing in a Spacepac XL-H400 Battery Electric Trolley Mover could be a fantastic solution to these complications. With a carrying weight up to 1,500kg and a sleek, compact design, this machine can make manoeuvring across the airport with luggage a breeze.

The Spacepac XL-H400 Battery Electric Trolley Mover also comes with a spare battery, allowing continuous work over extended periods of time without the hassle of stopping and recharging.

Furthermore, collecting trolleys from around the airport can be a time-consuming experience, especially when you’re gathering a large amount of them.

The Spacepac XL-H400 Battery Electric Trolley Mover and its easy manoeuvring can help you to quickly and effectively gather the trolleys left around the carpark and outdoor areas with ease.

If your airport has smaller, private aircrafts housed on the premises, it can be a struggle to pull them out of the hangers and subsequently push them back in after the flight.

However, implementing a Spacepac XL-H800 can make the movement of light aircraft easier than ever before. With a carrying capacity of up to 2,500kg, this could be the perfect solution for effectively accessing smaller planes without hassle.

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