Safety in the shipyard: preventing slips and falls

All over the world, shipyards remain a dangerous place for workers if the proper controls are not put into place and employees don’t receive the necessary training.

But with the right ship access equipment, businesses can significantly lower the chances of employee injury or death, keeping worker morale and productivity high and associated costs down.

Some of the most common accidents among the world’s shipyards include being crushed or struck by cranes, fires and suffocation due to confined spaces, falls from heights and other slip/trip accidents.

Many of the risks can be mitigated through infrastructure improvements alone. For example, welders or other repair workers who perform their duties on platforms are at risk of the slippery conditions common to seaside workplaces. To address this, companies can turn to platform and access products that put employee safety first.

Because ships come in all shapes and sizes, though, the safest access platform will be one that can adapt to any vessel. Also, a poorly designed platform won’t let standing water run off, increasing the chances of a slip injury.

Similarly, water can corrode platforms if they aren’t made with the proper materials.

Carbis Incorporated designs its Ship Towers – Ship Access Systems & Loading with all of these risks in mind, putting the specific needs of each customer first. Whether a customer needs a telescopic tower gangway, a fixed access point or one equipped with an elevator, Carbis can design the right product.

Ship Towers – Ship Access Systems & Loading

Ship Towers – Ship Access Systems & Loading

By using aluminium in all of its platforms, the company ensures the harsh elements won’t corrode the structure, all while keeping it light yet durable.

Ensuring employee safety should be a priority among any marine-based organisations. By implementing a Carbis platform, you can rest assured your workers are in the safest environment possible.

CARBIS – The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment

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