Practical hospital application of the Spacepac XL-H400 range

Hospitals are one of the most important facilities we have in the modern age. The men and women who work there tirelessly every day are saving lives and helping to make society healthier and happier – which is why sterilisation and hygiene are the most important aspects of the industry.

Spacepac XL-H400 Battery Electric Tugs

Spacepac XL-H400 Battery Electric Tugs

After all, having infection and disease spread throughout a hospital could be bad news for a lot of people. This is why it becomes paramount to have systems in place that can be relied upon to help keep the facility running properly without hassle.

Hazardous waste from the various procedures needs to be disposed of effectively, which is where the Spacepac XL-H400 Clean Room could come in handy. This electric push and pull tug machine can help you to quickly and hygienically move heavy baskets of waste product to a proper disposal area with ease.

Spacepac XL-H400 Battery Electric Tug Towing Linen Trolleys

Spacepac XL-H400 Battery Electric Tug Towing Linen Trolleys

Designed for use in laboratories, hospitals and other sensitive areas, the Spacepac XL-H400 Clean Room is capable of being used for a number of different tasks.

From removing waste products through to being a hygienic, clean way to transport the hundreds of lunch containers through the hospital daily, the Spacepac XL-H400 Clean Room can help to streamline hospital tasks and make life far easier for medical professionals.

Investing in the help of an electrical tug machine can also help to increase the efficiency of hospital staff and reduce the strain on their bodies after the long hours required of them.

For example, the Spacepac XL-H400 Clean Room can be used by orderly staff to push or pull hospital beds between rooms, helping to reduce the effort needed and helping to preserve their strength for more important tasks.

The Spacepac Industries range of electrical tug machines is the perfect solution for increasing mobility and streamlining time-consuming processes with ease.

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