Maintaining safety with any ship access and loading system

Regardless of the exact type of work that is being performed, operations that require ship access and loading should always maintain a strong focus on safety, considering the many serious hazards that exist in the industry.

In addition to putting your employees at risk, running an unsafe operation can lead to enormous costs associated with state and federal rules and regulation.

Some of the most common additional costs shipping and loading companies must pay for include noncompliance with equipment maintenance, failure to take precautions to promote employee health and safety, and hazards related to slips, falls and pinch points.

Carbis Ship Towers – Ship Access Systems & Loading

Gain Safe Access to Ship of all Shapes and Sizes

Companies can mitigate these risks by using the right infrastructure, such as custom designed ship access and loading systems from Carbis Inc. These structures are built to eliminate the chances of slips and falls caused by standing water or corroded materials, and each solution is designed specifically around the needs of the company.

Tower gangways, for example, can be manufactured to be either telescopic, fixed or work alongside an elevator, and they are all built to last with aluminium. This material makes them lightweight, durable and resistant to the weather and ocean water.

Each tower can be designed to fit various sizes of ships and also to handle large tidal shifts. Depending on the company’s preference, hydraulic, crane and pneumatic systems are all available.

Carbis’ towers also come with several mounting options. With track mounting, employees can move the tower all around the dock so it can be used on several barges that are in port at once. The tower mounting option is ideal for changes in loading and unloading movement, while pivot mounting gives businesses the opportunity to access various parts of a single ship.

CARBIS – The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment

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