Loading Arms – Carbis’ solution for handling corrosive materials

If your company handles a lot of chemicals and fluids daily, it could be worth looking into the Carbis range of loading arms for all your loading and unloading purposes.


These arms can be custom made to suit your business’s needs, and the variety of swivel joints used provides the largest degree of flexibility and leak-free operation.

Furthermore, these arms have an unparalleled range of movement, with over 95 degrees of working range in order to reach more openings than any competition.

These loading arms are fantastic for loading and unloading a variety of vehicles, especially if the material is corrosive or otherwise harmful to humans contact. They also feature a variety of safety accessories to protect your workers.

By utilising a spring cylinder balancing system, Carbis loading arms have a safeguard against major disaster in the event of spring failure.

The torsion spring balancing system permits a full range of simple adjustments to be made with a wrench – the ultimate in user-friendly solutions for spring adjustments.

There are four different types of loading arms available – single arm with a fixed reach, the scissor type arm, the supported boom arm, and the unsupported boom arm.

Each of these arms has different benefits, and can be used for a variety of vehicle solutions.

For example, the single arm with a fixed reach is primarily used for loading and unloading rail cars through open domes, and is designed for top loading installations where the vehicle is always the same distance away from the valve.

In contrast, a scissor type arm is more versatile and capable of being used for top loading installations where the opening range could vary. A second arm rotates 360 degrees, effectively doubling the arm’s length.

Carbis loading arms can be integrated with fall-prevention safety enclosures in order to offer your operators uncompromised protection and ensure their safety throughout their daily duties.

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