Increase your tarping protection with a Carbis flatbed platform

Trying to put a tarpaulin over a load without proper visibility can be difficult and dangerous. Shifting contents, slippery or uneven surfaces, and the weather are just a few of the risks associated with tarping flatbed trucks.

Tarping or Securing a Load on a Flatbed can be Dangerous - Flatbed Tarping Platform Improves Safety

Tarping or Securing a Load on a Flatbed can be Dangerous – Flatbed Tarping Platform Improves Safety

This is why Carbis has developed flatbed platforms to facilitate an easier, safer way of covering goods on the backs of trucks with an effective tarping system.

Whenever a truck is being loaded on your site, you are accountable for the safety of anyone loading the goods onto the back – regardless of whether they’re your employees.

These platforms provide a safer ways for people to cover their truck backs with a protective tarpaulin, as well as securing goods and inspecting.

Once the flatbed is positioned between the two platforms, they are moved to the sides of the vehicle in order to sandwich the truck between them. This helps to prevent your workers from falling in between the truck and platform.

Furthermore, there are swing gates around the platforms in order to further protect the wellbeing of the employees at your site.

Having the added height and vision means that you can effectively cover the whole back of your trucks without any hassles, helping to increase productivity overall.

The flatbed platforms are constructed from lightweight aluminium, which makes their movement from place to place easier, allowing for a greater range of manoeuvres. This can also be taken care of by one person, which aims to increase your site’s overall productivity.

Carbis flatbed platforms are available as single or double-sided systems, with the option of having a canopy installed for further protection from the elements. The best protection against workplace injury is prevention, so investigate making an investment in a tarping flatbed platform today!

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