Improve your warehouse productivity with the DEC Bull-2 Sit-on Tug

One of the biggest worries for those working in the wholesale and retail industries is the potential for employee injury. After all, performing lifting tasks and being around stacks of pallets in a warehouse combine to make a high-risk environment.


DEC Bull-2 Battery Electric Sit-on Tug

DEC Bull-2 Battery Electric Sit-on Tug


For example, if someone accidentally puts their back out while attempting to lift and carrying multiple boxes of heavy product in the warehouse, not only will they be out of work while they recover, but there could also be financial compensation involved.

Luckily, there is a product designed to help lift and manoeuvre products from Point A to Point B with ease. The DEC BULL-2 Battery Electric Tug model could be the perfect solution for all your wholesale warehouse needs.

This battery-run beast can pull up to 2,500 kg worth of product behind it, making it the perfect little machine for moving product quickly and effectively around your workplace.

The added bonus of having a seat is fantastic for anyone operating the machinery for extended periods of time – rather than get sore, achy legs from constant motion, the DEC BULL-2 Battery Electric Tug is a ergonomic way to get around the worksite.

DEC Bull-2 Battery Electric Sit-on Tug

DEC Bull-2 Battery Electric Sit-on Tug

The added bonus of this reduction in operator fatigue is that the overall turnaround for the machinery is increased, improving productivity and helping you and your business to succeed in the long run.

Furthermore, the DEC BULL-2 Battery Electric Tug has a sleek, easy to clean and maintain design with non-marking tyres, allowing for extended use indoors without the fear of leaving long-lasting tyre marks on your floors.

If the DEC BULL-2 Battery Electric Tug sounds like the perfect solution to your wholesale warehouse woes, now could be the perfect time to investigate the best in electrical push and pull technology for your business.

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