Don’t let weather stop productivity – Invest in a Carbis Canopy

If you’re looking for an effective solution to shield your workers from the elements, consider investing in a Carbis canopy for your company.


Sometimes Mother Nature can hinder work progress, but a Carbis canopy makes it possible to stay on the worksite rain or shine. It can deflect heat during long summer days and provide cover and protection from the winter rain.

The Carbis canopy can become one of your key safety accessories, too. Keeping your equipment and work surfaces dry can improve your workers’ welfare and prevents potential weather damage to equipment and products.

Protecting your workers is paramount to ensuring their safety, as well as reducing the time and cost of weather-induced accidents that can occur in dangerous conditions.

These canopies can be tailor designed and made for your specific conditions, allowing flexibility and adaptability for your worksite needs.

They can be built over railways or truck depots, making them perfect for use with tanker trucks and cars, hopper vehicles and seatainers.

The canopies can be made for single or double sided protection, and offer the option of skirting.

Furthermore, there are fully enclosed options available, which add extra protection from the sides.

The canopies can be made from a number of materials, including aluminium, steel (galvanised, primed, mill, or painted) as well as fibreglass.

Carbis canopies can be made completely from scratch, as part of an all new system, or attached to existing infrastructure – the choice is yours.

All of Carbis’ canopies are also engineered to specifically match your area’s wind load requirements, which means that once constructed, they can withstand wind and weather conditions of any location.

Investing in a Carbis canopy can help to improve the speed and efficiency of your company – regardless of the elements, you and your workers will be able to perform at the best capacity possible to ensure everything continues to run smoothly and work on the site continues as planned.

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