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Saving thousands in labour and back injury costs with the right lifters and stackers

The need to protect employees from physical strain, fatigue and acute injuries should be enough to prompt anyone to focus on improving worker safety.

However, in addition to keeping workers safe, there are enormous cost benefits to maintaining a strong sense of employee safety in any workplace, whether its a high-rise office or a busy manufacturing or distribution plant.

Last year, SafeWork Australia released a comprehensive report that looked at the true cost of employee injuries to the economy as a whole.

The study showed that in the 2005-2006 financial year, workplace injuries cost Australia an astounding $57.5 billion – 5.9 per cent of GDP in that year.

This number rose even further by the 2008-2009 financial year, when its estimated that injuries related to work cost $60.6 billion.

The report broke down the burden of cost, and found that 5 per cent – or $3.03 billion – is passed on to employers. Employees take on 74 per cent of these costs, and the community is responsible for paying another 21 per cent.

One of the best ways to cut down on these high costs is to invest in products that can reduce or eliminate employee strain, fatigue and the risk of acute injuries.

Lifting Equipment - QuikStak Smart Stacker

Lifting Equipment – QuikStak Smart Stacker

For example, Spacepac’s QuikStak Smart Stacker is a battery powered, hydraulic machine that does all of the work, and can easily stack several items. The machine uses an adjustable infrared height sensor to ensure products are always lifted to the exact level.

Moreover, its large diameter steering wheels and extra heavy duty front wheels make it easy to move and steer, and there are even self-propelled models available.

By focusing on and investing in employee safety through the right machinery, businesses can save thousands of dollars on injury costs.

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Employee strain and fatigue isn’t limited to warehouses and shipyards

It’s common knowledge that several hazards exist in the transport, warehousing and shipping industries.

Many studies have been conducted to show how dangerous it can be for companies to ignore the hazards that may lead to employee fatigue, strain and overexertion in these workplaces.

However, these risks exist in several types of workplaces, including those that many may believe to be risk-free.

Office jobs that require regular lifting expose employees to just as much potential strain as any other position.

IT workers, for example, who regularly lift and carry computer monitors, CPUs, boxes of cables, server equipment and other items, may suffer from drops in productivity when their energy begins to wane.

Similarly, kitchen workers who must transfer large cooking equipment or move these items for cleaning are exposed to these dangers, as are hospital workers who must lift and carry trays of medicine and tools.

While it may not be practical for these professionals to use heavy lifting equipment, such as forklifts or other powered industrial vehicles, Spacepac has released a long line of products designed to lower employee strain.

Econolift Aluminium lifting Devices

Spacepac Industries Supplies wide range materials handling equipment, Manual Lifters and Electric Lifters for all Lifting equipment applications.

The W-Series Light Weight Electric Lifters are ideal for indoor office lifting, and can raise a capacity of up to 80kg. All models operate smoothly on electric batteries, and are built with an aluminium mast and lockable rear castors.

The machines feature an easy-to-use pendant control and can be preset to two lifting heights, making it easier than ever for office workers to move equipment. Complete with a built-in battery and charger, the lift recharges fast and won’t leave offices suffering from any downtime.

Just because employees aren’t surrounded by moving parts and heavy machinery doesn’t mean they aren’t exposed to serious health hazards. With the right equipment though, employers can ensure their office workers remain healthy and productive.
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Innolift Portable Self Loading Forklifts / Stackers – Spacepac Industries

Innolift Portable Self Loading Forklifts / Stackers

High quality commercial Portable Self Loading Forklifts / Stacker

  • The Innolift self loader is a Pallet & Freight loader that is designed for vans and other commercial vehicles.
  • The Innolift is the only Manual lift loader that lifts a wide range of goods to a range of heights and then lifts itself in and out of the delivery vehicle.
  • Designed for use with open bottom pallets, skid and crates, Innolift is ideal for moving Pallets, Medical equipment, Office Equipment and White goods to name a few.
  • Available in 5 different models, 1 manual Lift and 4 electric Lift.
  • Standard Colors are Green with Black… Five other colours available to order (POA).
  • Lifts loads up to 500kg and 600kg as high as 1200mm.
  • Powered by a 12 Volt .8Kw motor and comes with an in‐vehicle battery charger and cable.
  • Charges via the vehicle’s cigarette.

Innolift Battery Electric Portable Self Loading Forklifts / Stackers

Carbis Redi Rack and Elevating Access Platforms – Get to those hard to reach places

The Redi Rack versatile loading platform is a simple single or double station loading platform that can provide safe, easy access to a variety of vehicles at mining, rail and other industrial work sites.

There are a number of different gangway types available to suit your application purposes, whether you’re using the Redi Rack with hopper cars, seatainers, hopper trucks, tank cars or tank trucks.

REdi Rack

Made from corrosion-resistant galvanised steel, the equipment can be relied upon to stand the test of time. There are three standard heights available, and each comes with a 1.2m by 1.8m platform which can be customised to fit your specific requirements.

All gangways come prepared with a slip-resistant surface, which makes it easy and safe to use the equipment and access these vehicles on the site.

The two or four rail cages available with the Redi Rack improve safety even further, enclosing the top of the vehicle when workers are accessing it.

The swivel-mounted gangway can help to reduce improve visibility for workers, helping to reduce spotting problems on the job. An optional 1.05 m high handrail complies with OSHA requirements – ensuring you and your workers stay safe throughout operation.

Another product that can be used for extra height and loading area is the Carbis elevating access platform, which can be used to access the tops of vehicles for truck venting, hatch loading, sampling  and connecting hoses.

The elevating platform can be manufactured to any size from 1.8m through to 15.2m, and can include safety gates to expand or reduce the working area.

Furthermore, optional flip-up floor panels can allow full access to the vehicle – effectively eliminating spotting problems.

Padded outer edges help to prevent vehicle damage, and the platform can be made from either aluminium or steel – galvanized, primed, mill or painted.

These products can be custom built for your company’s needs, ensuring you get the maximum amount of value out of your purchase.

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