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Boosting efficiency with a Spacepac tow motor

Organisations across Australia are looking at ways to improve their productivity, while maintaining environmental standards and worker safety.

The Australian Productivity Commission claimed earlier this year that the country has performed poorly over the last decade, despite the economy doing well overall.

Peter Harris, chairman of the organisation, said a lack of productivity will begin to affect national income and the general wellbeing of Australians if not tackled effectively.

“Productivity growth requires that impediments to innovation, technological improvement and reorganisation of production are continuously reviewed and removed,” he stated.

“This is how, over the medium term, we best cope with structural changes such as rapid exchange rate movements, our ageing population and potential global economic shocks.”

Tackling inefficiencies with Spacepac products

One of the best ways to tackle inefficiencies at an organisation is to streamline laborious processes by introducing new technology.

Buying a Spacepac tow motors through Spacepac can help to achieve this, allowing for the simple movement of heavy loads, regardless of the environment.

DEC BULL-2 Battery Electric Tow Tug

With a load capacity of up to 20,000kg, depending on the model, the vehicle has a special design that is built with a powerful electric drive motor controlled by a microprocessor.

The Spacepac tow motor’s compact specifications mean it is ideal for use in confined spaces and assembly lines.

Its ergonomic stand-up design helps keep workers comfortable, with a top speed of eight kilometres per hour enabling staff to work quickly and efficiently.

Businesses can also boost their environmental credentials, as Spacepac tow motors are free from pollution, guaranteeing a more sustainable, happy workplace.

Offering user-friendly controls, flashing lights and indicators, enterprises can rest assured that their vehicle provides safety and ease of maintenance as well.

Spacepac Electric Vehicles

Minimise worker exertion with battery-powered movers

Employees at health organisations all around the world exert an incredible amount of energy on the job, whether it’s moving beds, trolleys or even patients themselves.

However, this exertion can put severe pressure on workers’ lower backs, which could lead to injuries or pain.

If your hospital currently relies on the manual lift and movement of heavy resources or patients, then consider a Spacepac battery-powered mover.

EVO Mover - Battery Powered Bed Mover

EVO Mover – Battery Powered Bed Mover

The EVO Mover can connect to beds and wheelchairs with a minimum of fuss, engaging effortless and quietly at the push of a button, which can be an important feature if you’re hoping to move a sleeping patient.

Able to navigate around tight corners with ease, this piece of safety equipment can slide in and out of lifts, as well as up and down ramps.

This makes them the ultimate tool in reducing risk of injuries or physical strain for employees that must regularly relocate patients or hospital equipment.

There is a variable speed control and a safety horn, both of which add to the EVO Mover’s reputation as an excellent OH&S investment for health organisations.

Other safety accessories on the device include an automatic security brake to prevent it rolling away, automatic overload protection and controlled stopping and starting.

A free-wheeling lever allows personnel to move the EVO Mover between jobs without driving it, which saves battery life and user fatigue.

The battery can last up to three days depending on usage before the last charge, while a flat battery can be brought back to full power within six hours.

With downhill assist capabilities and positive drive wheel traction, this is a piece of machinery that can make life easy for your hospital staff.

Not only will this keep you in line with health and safety obligations, it will ensure that your operation runs at maximum efficiency.

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The right equipment can get you around the warehouse easily

Warehouse operators often have to balance the best products available for moving and lifting products with the space that their facility allows for them.

However, with the right product, it’s possible for warehouse managers to accomplish all necessary tasks without sacrificing power, manoeuvrability or noise control in the workplace.

Skatework Battery Electric Stand-On or Sit-On Tug

Skatework Battery Electric Stand-On or Sit-On Tug

One of the best examples is the Skatework Battery Electric Stand-On or Sit-On Tug available from Spacepac Industries. This product is ideal for any warehouse work that must be conducted in narrow aisles and indoor, as the trolley was designed to fit into tight spaces and gives off zero pollution.

The design is extremely compact, making it the ideal choice for any plant manager worried about fitting powerful hauling equipment into the far corners of the facility.

The Skatework Battery Electric Tow Motor features a drawbar hitch that is perfect not only for pulling trolleys, but several other types of industrial equipment.

The machine is so powerful it can pull up to 1,000kg, and there are even some models available that have pulling power of 3,000kg.

But the machine isn’t all brawn and no brains. The powerful electric drive motor is controlled by an advanced microprocessor, which leads to pollution-free use that is compliant with regulations established by governments all over the world.

It’s dimensions were designed to fit most production and assembly lines, as well as standard confined spaces typically found in plants and other industrial settings.

Just because a warehouse has small aisles and spaces doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on power and speed. The right product could help businesses get more done areas previously unreachable by bulkier vehicles.

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Bringing the repair garage to any down vehicle

When machinery breaks down in an industrial setting, it often takes a long time to mobilise all of the necessary equipment and repair workers to get the machine up and running without downtime stacking up.

If not done properly, businesses can waste enormous amounts of time and money on moving all the necessary equipment to the down machine, performing the repairs and then moving it all back to its respective place in the warehouse.

Taylor-Dunn Maintenance Expediter

The Roadmaster utility vehicle is designed to provide the ultimate versatility in today’s work environment.

To eliminate this problem, Taylor Dunn created its Maintenance Expeditor Utility Vehicle, which was designed to move a repair worker, an entire tool chest and even a workbench to any machinery that breaks down.

By moving all of the equipment at once, companies can reduce the amount of time it takes to complete repairs by one-third. This productivity boost is thanks to the time saved moving all repair tools and eliminating the need for workers to walk back to workbenches. Even the time it takes to return to the maintenance area for large spare parts can be cut by 50 per cent.

The onboard tool chest means workers don’t have to spend time preparing for the project beforehand – all the necessary equipment is handy whenever it’s needed.

The utility vehicle features a 24 volt battery and travels on three wheels, with a top speed of just over 16 kilometres per hour. This design allows workers to take the Maintenance Expeditor into smaller, indoor areas, while simultaneously cutting the cost of petrol expenditure.

With an all welded steel frame, the vehicle has a long lifespan that will cut down on maintenance costs, and the added safety features ensure the operator isn’t exposed to serious workplace hazards.

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Put employee health first with a Safe Bin Handling Trolley

It may sound like common sense to make sure your employees are always healthy, but businesses may be surprised to hear just how much money is wasted each year because of employee fatigue.

One study in the US, published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, found that 40 per cent of the workers say they often feel exhausted at work. But this has bigger implications than merely tired workers. The economic impact of this is astounding, costing employers more than $136 billion every year.

While it may at first appear that the health-related drop in productivity would be from absenteeism, this wasn’t the case. Instead, the majority of the productivity declines came from employees who showed up to work, but had trouble accomplishing their tasks.

This is one of the many studies that demonstrate just how important it is to focus on employee health and safety. This can be achieved much more easily by using the right warehouse and industrial products.

Bin-Safe Battery Electric Bin Mover

Industry designed for moving up to three 240 L bins.

The Safe Bin Handling Trolley from Spacepac Industries, for example, was designed to keep employee fatigue and exhaustion to a minimum while boosting productivity all the while. The trolley can carry two large industry bins at once, and with an additional bracket, loads can double to four bins.

With the failsafe braking system, employees don’t have to worry about losing control of the haulage, lowering the risk of employee injury.

Moreover, the dolly undercart takes all the weight so the worker doesn’t have to. This leads to much higher productivity and substantially lower occupational health and safety risks.

It pays to invest in the right industrial gear, especially when employees’ healthy and safety are at risk.

Spacepac Waste Management Solutions

Boosting your corporate sustainability with electric trucks

Developing a reputation as an environmentally conscious company is becoming increasingly popular, for reasons related to both shareholder and public approval.

However, many businesses are in no position to give up productivity for a better reputation. Instead, they may opt to hold on to less sustainable practices and equipment, so long as it keeps output high.

Fortunately, with the right Taylor Dunn electric utility vehicle from Spacepac Industries, businesses can now keep their carbon footprint low while maintaining strong levels of productivity.

Taylor Dunn electric utility vehicle

The Electruck product line is designed to provide an electric alternative to your current fleet of full sized utility pickup trucks.

Taylor Dunn’s Electruck electric vehicle is a great example of a transport truck that is both tough and dependable, but also keeps fuel consumption and emissions down.

The product was designed to be a substitute for any sized utility truck, which typically use dirty diesel fuel. With the Electruck, organisations can benefit from the vehicle’s electric drivetrain that can bring the truck up to about 40 kph, and drive for nearly 65 kilometres before it needs to be recharged.

Just because it doesn’t have the roar of a diesel engine doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. The lead acid battery and DC motor inside the truck makes it extremely reliable and efficient, and has been shown to cut maintenance and operating spending by as much as 40 per cent.

Each vehicle can be tailored to the unique demands of any work site, but the entire Electruck product line is specifically designed to operate well off-road and in any outdoor conditions.

The trucks come with several options, including cargo boxes, tool cabinets, ladder racks and other equipment necessary for several industrial functions.

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple investment in new utility vehicles to increase both your environmental reputation and productivity, all while lowering costs related to maintenance and repairs.

Spacepac Electric Vehicles

Exploring the versatility of high-torque electric vehicles

When choosing electric vehicles for use in warehouses and other industrial applications, you’ll want to find a product that can serve several purposes.

Taylor-Dunn SS546-36 Volt GT

Taylor-Dunn SS546-36 Volt GT

This will keep overall costs down, and allow fewer workers to accomplish more tasks with less equipment. One of the best examples is the Taylor-Dunn SS546-36 Volt GT, available from Spacepac Industries.

Facility managers can easily convert this vehicle from a simple personnel carrier to a load carrier in only a few seconds. When it is in its burden carrier mode, it can haul as much as 270kg, and can pull another 2,267kg.

But hauling and pulling power aren’t the only factors to look for in an electric vehicle. The best ones are typically made of a welded steel unionised body and frame that can withstand years of use and various conditions and applications.

The Taylor-Dunn SS546 also features a front bumper and automotive steering wheel to protect the vehicle, the driver and all objects in the area.

The cost of maintenance can often be a deterrent for some companies when it comes to purchasing electric vehicles. However, Taylor-Dunn’s product was built with a modularised control system layout that makes it easy for any electrical engineer to quickly diagnose and fix and problems.

Complete with geared steering, a top speed of 14.5 kph and an on-board battery charger, the vehicle has already helped several facilities managers improve efficiency and safety while cutting costs.

The product comes in several models, and each offer unique benefits for various situations. If drivers will primarily use it outside and the elements are a concern, cabins with wipers and curtains are available.

Similarly, there are shortened versions for smaller worksites.

With the right electric vehicle, you can see productivity improvements in several areas of your operation.

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Skatework Tug with Plexiglass Anti UV Hardtop – Spacepac Industries

Skatework Battery Electric Stand-On or Sit-On Tug

Skatework Battery Electric Stand-On or Sit-On Tug

The ground breaking Skatework design of Battery/Electric stand up vehicles (ESV) is a zero-gas-emission, clean-energy innovation that is simple, intuitive and economical to operate. It is highly stable with a low centre of gravity, offers wide visibility for the driver elevated on an 24cm high platform, strikes a commanding presence, can access restricted spaces including elevators and narrow corridors, handles curbs easily, and is highly agile with a tight turning circle. And it is very quiet.

Skatework Tug with 8mm plexiglass anti‐uv weather proof canopy , a flashing safety light, a stand‐on / sit‐on seat and a load canister is an ideal solution for security work, towing of trailers and general transport around commercial sites.

Skatework Tug with Plexiglass Anti UV Hardtop

Skatework Tug with Plexiglass Anti UV Hardtop

The Skatework Battery Electric Tug comes with 2 x 120 A/H long life traction batteries which has an autonomy of up to 8 hours of continuous operation. 24 Volts , 800W DC electric motor power gives 800Kg towing capacity and 300kg loading capacity to the machine.

The feature of Skatework Sit on / Stand on tug are:

Immobilizing safety pedal MAN‐ON‐ BOARD

  • long life traction batteries
  • Roll our battery compartment
  • Safety flashing light on pole or canopy
  • Drive controls disabled during battery charging
  • Mushroom‐shaped Red Emergency arrest push button on instrument panel
  • Forward‐neutral‐reverse selector
  • Electronic board quick release and electromagnetic brake release button to allow manual pushing
  • Tow hitch supplied as standard
  • Large diameter tyres for maximum traction on hard or soft surfaces
  • Heavy duty chassis for high stability

Skatework Tug with Plexiglass Anti UV Hardtop

Getting creative with Spacepac platform trolleys

To minimise superfluous spending and squeeze the most productivity out of facility assets, managers should look for products that not only offer versatility, but those that can perform well no matter what they’re tasked with.

Trolleys and wagons are an excellent way to move items from one area of a facility to another, but using several sizes and models of these pulling machines can take up floor space and lead to unnecessary costs.

To get the most out of a purchase, many facility managers are turning to Spacepac Industries’s Battery/Electric Platform Trolley – P400, which has a pull or push power of 1,000kg. The machine also features a load carrying capacity of 400kg, making it ideal for hauling and carrying.

Spacepac XL-P400 battery electric platform trolleys

Spacepac XL-P400 battery electric platform trolleys

The P400 is an industry workhorse that companies around the world have already used for myriad purposes. At some of the world’s busiest airports, airline ground staff use the electric trolley to move baggage bins and other goods across the tarmac.

Similarly, auto repair shops and car dealerships have implemented the trolley into their operations to haul tyres and other auto parts from one area of the facility to another.

Hospitals have also found several uses for the P400. Often, nurses and orderlies must transfer medicine cabinets, beds, shelves and other items through the long, snaking corridors of hospitals, which the trolley can handle with no problem.

Warehouse and distribution center managers may have found the most uses out of any group, though. Virtually any goods that need to be moved but aren’t set up to be carried by a forklift or other electric tug can be hauled with the P400.

Large bins, waste receptacles, oil drums, gas canisters and any other heavy items are all commonly found on the back of the P400.

Spacepac Electric Vehicles

Ergonomics a growing part of industrial vehicle design

In any warehouse or distribution facility, it’s imperative to put employee health and safety first.

Not only does this mean keeping them safe from hazards like vehicle collisions and struck-by incidents, but also ensuring that industrial vehicle operators do their work in the most comfortable way possible.

This has given rise to intensive studies in ergonomics to determine what will provide an operator with the most protection, comfort and support. While it’s understood that anyone who sits for an entire shift may be a little sore, businesses should go to great lengths to find products that can minimise this employee fatigue.

Put simply, an industrial vehicle operator should be able to get just as much done at the end of the day as the beginning. To achieve this, it’s best to focus on suspension, hydraulics, fingertip controls, contoured armrests and other areas that ensure the operator won’t be worn down by the end of his or her shift.

Poor ergonomics can result in musculoskeletal injuries such as pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, upper back and forearms. This, in turn, can lead to worse employee morale and absenteeism.

Spacepac developed its DEC BULL-2 Sit on Battery Electric Tug to provide an electric tugging machine that the operator can easily ride for as long as needed without becoming sore. The seat is ergonomically designed to improve comfort, and can be easily adjusted to accommodate for each driver.

Spacepac DEC-Bull-2 Battery Electric Tug

DEC BULL-2 Battery Electric Tow Tug

Because it is a part of Spacepac’s line of electric tugs, it was also designed to be sleek and fit through narrow warehouse aisles while still hauling several trolleys and other loads.

Complete with a long life and low maintenance, the DEC BULL-2 with Seat is a great way to get work done without compromising warehouse worker health and safety.

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