Carbis Safety Enclosures and Gangways – Providing custom-made site safety

If operator safety is a concern at your workplace, consider investing in Carbis safety enclosures in order to ensure their protection and promote a healthy, safe work environment.


These enclosures can be custom made for your company, ensuring maximum flexibility for their application at your worksite.

Their use extends to truck venting, hatch loading, sampling of goods, and connecting hoses in higher, hard to reach locations without the fear of falling and causing injury.

Furthermore, an incorporated gangway allows for easy vertical height adjustment – perfect for reaching the tops of a wide variety of vehicle types, including tank cars and trucks, hopper trucks and seatainers.

Constructed from aluminium or galvanised, primed, mill, painted or stainless steel, the safety enclosures and gangways are padded around the lower edge in order to protect your vehicles from the metal and any exterior damage it may inflict.


The gangways also have a number of safety accessories available – including a 1.5-metre handrail that offers further stability and peace of mind to your operators, ensuring they can continue their jobs uninhibited.

Inboard metal safety screens are also available for this piece of equipment. These fill the gap between the platform and the vehicle to ensure that inward falls are hindered – especially on extra-wide models of the enclosure gangway.

Optional flip-up floor panels are also available that allow full access to vehicle hatches without the safety risks – virtually eliminating any spotting problems within your company.

Eliminating the safety risks associated with vertical work on vehicles can enhance your revenue by maximising efficiency, reducing risks and satisfying your workers’ need for safe practises around the site.

Whether you’re aiming to increase warehouse safety or the general standards of your working site, Carbis safety enclosures could be the perfect solution for your company.

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