Carbis hopper car handrail system – Effective hatch access solution for your rail cars

If your site regularly deals with hopper cars and trucks, it is an important factor to consider the safety of your workers – especially if they regularly need to access the hatches on top of the carts.

Hopper Car Handrail

Rail Car Safety Improved with Hopper Car Handrail Fall Prevention System from Carbis

One solution available to you is the Carbis hopper car handrail system. The system works to protect your workers by providing a cage handrail system that connects to the top of your hopper cars.

This then lowers down and locks into place, contributing towards a safer working environment for your employees and helping to reduce the incidence of falling from the tops of vehicles.

The system gives employees the full range of motion around the top of the carriage, while actively working to reduce the risk of injury-inducing falls.

Another one of the safety accessories that can be installed alongside the Carbis hopper car handrail system is the fall arrest system, which aims to provide even more protection for your workers.

Furthermore, the system can be configured to work with multiple systems and multiple rail cars – which can also be custom made to fit your existing infrastructure.

Your workers will be able to carry out their jobs with a greater ease, helping to improve productivity and streamline your company’s processes to a greater extent.

The Carbis hopper car handrail system is designed with your rail cars protection in mind also, with a padded lower edge to ensure the vehicle is safe from scratches and other collateral damage that could be caused.

And like all Carbis products, the hopper car handrail system can be constructed from a variety of materials and in a flexible way, in order to suit your worksite and ensure maximum productivity.

If you’re in the market for a new, safer way for your workers to operate and access rail car hatches, investigate the Carbis hopper car handrail system today.

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