Bringing the repair garage to any down vehicle

When machinery breaks down in an industrial setting, it often takes a long time to mobilise all of the necessary equipment and repair workers to get the machine up and running without downtime stacking up.

If not done properly, businesses can waste enormous amounts of time and money on moving all the necessary equipment to the down machine, performing the repairs and then moving it all back to its respective place in the warehouse.

Taylor-Dunn Maintenance Expediter

The Roadmaster utility vehicle is designed to provide the ultimate versatility in today’s work environment.

To eliminate this problem, Taylor Dunn created its Maintenance Expeditor Utility Vehicle, which was designed to move a repair worker, an entire tool chest and even a workbench to any machinery that breaks down.

By moving all of the equipment at once, companies can reduce the amount of time it takes to complete repairs by one-third. This productivity boost is thanks to the time saved moving all repair tools and eliminating the need for workers to walk back to workbenches. Even the time it takes to return to the maintenance area for large spare parts can be cut by 50 per cent.

The onboard tool chest means workers don’t have to spend time preparing for the project beforehand – all the necessary equipment is handy whenever it’s needed.

The utility vehicle features a 24 volt battery and travels on three wheels, with a top speed of just over 16 kilometres per hour. This design allows workers to take the Maintenance Expeditor into smaller, indoor areas, while simultaneously cutting the cost of petrol expenditure.

With an all welded steel frame, the vehicle has a long lifespan that will cut down on maintenance costs, and the added safety features ensure the operator isn’t exposed to serious workplace hazards.

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