Boosting efficiency with a Spacepac tow motor

Organisations across Australia are looking at ways to improve their productivity, while maintaining environmental standards and worker safety.

The Australian Productivity Commission claimed earlier this year that the country has performed poorly over the last decade, despite the economy doing well overall.

Peter Harris, chairman of the organisation, said a lack of productivity will begin to affect national income and the general wellbeing of Australians if not tackled effectively.

“Productivity growth requires that impediments to innovation, technological improvement and reorganisation of production are continuously reviewed and removed,” he stated.

“This is how, over the medium term, we best cope with structural changes such as rapid exchange rate movements, our ageing population and potential global economic shocks.”

Tackling inefficiencies with Spacepac products

One of the best ways to tackle inefficiencies at an organisation is to streamline laborious processes by introducing new technology.

Buying a Spacepac tow motors through Spacepac can help to achieve this, allowing for the simple movement of heavy loads, regardless of the environment.

DEC BULL-2 Battery Electric Tow Tug

With a load capacity of up to 20,000kg, depending on the model, the vehicle has a special design that is built with a powerful electric drive motor controlled by a microprocessor.

The Spacepac tow motor’s compact specifications mean it is ideal for use in confined spaces and assembly lines.

Its ergonomic stand-up design helps keep workers comfortable, with a top speed of eight kilometres per hour enabling staff to work quickly and efficiently.

Businesses can also boost their environmental credentials, as Spacepac tow motors are free from pollution, guaranteeing a more sustainable, happy workplace.

Offering user-friendly controls, flashing lights and indicators, enterprises can rest assured that their vehicle provides safety and ease of maintenance as well.

Spacepac Electric Vehicles

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