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Boosting efficiency with a Spacepac tow motor

Organisations across Australia are looking at ways to improve their productivity, while maintaining environmental standards and worker safety.

The Australian Productivity Commission claimed earlier this year that the country has performed poorly over the last decade, despite the economy doing well overall.

Peter Harris, chairman of the organisation, said a lack of productivity will begin to affect national income and the general wellbeing of Australians if not tackled effectively.

“Productivity growth requires that impediments to innovation, technological improvement and reorganisation of production are continuously reviewed and removed,” he stated.

“This is how, over the medium term, we best cope with structural changes such as rapid exchange rate movements, our ageing population and potential global economic shocks.”

Tackling inefficiencies with Spacepac products

One of the best ways to tackle inefficiencies at an organisation is to streamline laborious processes by introducing new technology.

Buying a Spacepac tow motors through Spacepac can help to achieve this, allowing for the simple movement of heavy loads, regardless of the environment.

DEC BULL-2 Battery Electric Tow Tug

With a load capacity of up to 20,000kg, depending on the model, the vehicle has a special design that is built with a powerful electric drive motor controlled by a microprocessor.

The Spacepac tow motor’s compact specifications mean it is ideal for use in confined spaces and assembly lines.

Its ergonomic stand-up design helps keep workers comfortable, with a top speed of eight kilometres per hour enabling staff to work quickly and efficiently.

Businesses can also boost their environmental credentials, as Spacepac tow motors are free from pollution, guaranteeing a more sustainable, happy workplace.

Offering user-friendly controls, flashing lights and indicators, enterprises can rest assured that their vehicle provides safety and ease of maintenance as well.

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Minimise worker exertion with battery-powered movers

Employees at health organisations all around the world exert an incredible amount of energy on the job, whether it’s moving beds, trolleys or even patients themselves.

However, this exertion can put severe pressure on workers’ lower backs, which could lead to injuries or pain.

If your hospital currently relies on the manual lift and movement of heavy resources or patients, then consider a Spacepac battery-powered mover.

EVO Mover - Battery Powered Bed Mover

EVO Mover – Battery Powered Bed Mover

The EVO Mover can connect to beds and wheelchairs with a minimum of fuss, engaging effortless and quietly at the push of a button, which can be an important feature if you’re hoping to move a sleeping patient.

Able to navigate around tight corners with ease, this piece of safety equipment can slide in and out of lifts, as well as up and down ramps.

This makes them the ultimate tool in reducing risk of injuries or physical strain for employees that must regularly relocate patients or hospital equipment.

There is a variable speed control and a safety horn, both of which add to the EVO Mover’s reputation as an excellent OH&S investment for health organisations.

Other safety accessories on the device include an automatic security brake to prevent it rolling away, automatic overload protection and controlled stopping and starting.

A free-wheeling lever allows personnel to move the EVO Mover between jobs without driving it, which saves battery life and user fatigue.

The battery can last up to three days depending on usage before the last charge, while a flat battery can be brought back to full power within six hours.

With downhill assist capabilities and positive drive wheel traction, this is a piece of machinery that can make life easy for your hospital staff.

Not only will this keep you in line with health and safety obligations, it will ensure that your operation runs at maximum efficiency.

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Keep your industrial workers safe with traffic control systems

With so many powered industrial vehicles whizzing around warehouses, distribution centers and ports, the threat of an accident involving a truck or forklift is always present.

However, with the right traffic control systems in place, businesses can significantly lower the chances of employee injury related to such accidents.

Spacepac Safety and Security Product Solution

Spacepac Safety and Security Product Solution

The most common powered industrial vehicle accidents occur when forklift drivers inadvertently travel too far and fall off the edge of loading platforms.

Other common accidents include backover injuries, those that occur when employees fail to secure rigs to loading platforms and when large vehicles tip over.

While employee safety will always be best with the right training, there are plenty of products you can use to make your workplace the safest environment possible.

For example, Tru-Gard Bollards are a great way to protect your facility, assets and workers from industrial vehicles. These items are most commonly used to protect pallet racking, door tracks and the corners of walls. If necessary, these poles can be fixed into concrete for heavy duty mounting.

There are also removable options that can be set in front of entrances and doors to protect employees.

However, such durable equipment isn’t always necessary. In certain cases, it may be better to use a Veriflex KnockDown sign or post mounting system. These require no internal cables that can fray or snap, and can be easily installed anywhere in a workplace.

These often include Stop or Give Way signs that if struck won’t be damaged, but rather will flop down and spring back up.

Other items you may want to consider to improve warehouse safety include pedestrian barriers,impact absorbing technologies, speed humps and machine guarding systems.

Interested in catering? Make sure you’ve got the right equipment

The catering business is packed with innovative appliances that can make any job profoundly easier, whether it’s through better and more efficient refrigeration, faster heat times or other related measurements.

For example, one of the best products on the market right now is the Chillogen – a portable tool that provides the best chilled storage environment alongside a fast regeneration oven.

Spacepac Single Tray Service Trolley System

With our innovative Chillogen technology, regenerated food looks and tastes like it’s fresh from the chef’s oven

Both are housed in a single compartment on wheels, making it easier than ever to take the professional chef’s kitchen on the road.

The Chillogen uses next-generation technology that can help cater food to plates, load the unit, switch on, store, regenerate and unload easier than ever. The entire cycle can be automated, give caterers more time to focus on the event at hand.

Overall, these banqueting trolleys can lead to faster service, easier planning and better food quality.

If you’d rather focus on cooking and serving piping hot food, there are several trolleys available that are designed to do just that. The Versigen VG trolley ensures food is always kept at the ideal temperature without burning it or drying it out.

When it comes time to serve the food, caterers can relax knowing that diners will receive hot, appealing and nutritious food quickly and efficiently.

This is an ideal choice for any hospital or similar operation that needs to distribute food throughout a large facility.

For trayed meals, one of the best options is the Gemini trolley, which eliminates the risks of employees burning themselves by handling hot food. Food can be plated in the kitchen, put on trays and loaded directly into the trolley.

Whether it’s for a traveling catering business or for corporate lunches, the right equipment can make all the difference.

Carbis can help with transloading dilemmas

One of the biggest problems resource companies face is how to efficiently transport their materials to rail lines and throughout the rest of the country.

The best answer for this is to have a strong transloading system in place, which can easily and quickly transfer loads between trucks and other hauling vehicles and rail cars.

Unfortunately, there is ample room for error in this strategy, and it requires serious planning and solutions for it to be cost effective.

This is where Carbis’ products and solutions can come in handy. Even when a company’s project is nowhere near a railway, Carbis can help ensure the cargo or materials makes it from the extraction point to the shipping port without a single spill.

Transloading Portable Access Platform - Buzzard

Transloading Portable Access Platform – Buzzard

In one example, Carbis helped a natural gas liquids company that needed a mobile transloading cart with a mounted skid that could load 250# and 400# rail cars. In addition to efficiency, the company wanted to maximise safety with all the proper safety equipment.

Finally, the solution required metering and ticketing systems since custody transfer was involved in the process.

Carbis added a compressor, a meter and a ticket printer to the transfer skid, which was then appropriately mounted on the frame of the trailer. Staying true to its focus on safety, the company also installed non-slip stairs to connect the platform.

To increase employee access, the system was given a platform gangway that – in the name of safety – featured a cage to ensure fall prevention while still letting workers do their jobs freely.

The end result was a transloading system that allowed the company to quickly and easily transfer its products from remote wellheads to transport trucks and then rail cars – all while minimising waste and increasing employee safety.

Keep National Safe Work Australia Month in mind

October may be on its way out, but there’s still time to ensure your business is doing its part to raise awareness of National Safe Work Australia Month and take part in any of the several activities going on around the country. Last years’ inaugural program was such a success, Safe Work Australia felt it would have to repeat the month-long awareness campaign, and so far it has gone swimmingly. The theme for 2013 has been “Safety is a frame of mind. Get the picture”, which was chosen to reflect the need for better safety to come from within organisations themselves. Last year’s event was a major hit, with a record 699 people registering as Safety Ambassadors. This year, the group hopes to encourage 800 people to sign up, which would likely have a huge impact on safety improvements in Australia’s workplaces.

Fall Prevention Equipment, Mobile Platform Ladders and Height Access Solutions

CARBIS Australia is The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment, Mobile Platform Ladders and Height Access Solutions.

When the program got off the ground, Safe Work Australia Chair Ann Sherry spoke on how it important it is for companies to strive to win the 2013 Safety Ambassador of Year Award. “Building on the success of last year’s Safe Work Australia Week this year’s celebrations have been extended to a month in October,” Ms Sherry said. “Every workplace in Australia should focus on improving health and safety during October to reduce the incidence of death, injury and disease. “I encourage everyone to get involved in promoting safety at work during safety month. A great way is to register as a Safety Ambassador in your workplace.” One of the best ways to ensure employee safety in an industrial setting is to invest in the right infrastructure that not only improves productivity and eliminates or reduces downtime, but keeps workers safe through fall prevention strategies.

CARBIS Australia is The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment, Mobile Platform Ladders and Height Access Solutions.

Don’t let the elements stop your loading and unloading business

The best facilities are able to load and unload trucks and rail cars, regardless of what the weather is – be it rain, snow, sleet or direct sunlight.

One of the easiest ways to ensure operations can go on no matter what the elements are like is to introduce a canopy, which can be a part of any new facility plans or easily integrated with existing infrastructure.

A good industrial canopy will not only let your business perform well no matter what the weather is doing, it can also keeps any products free of contaminants. Without a canopy, moving parts may be compromised when water or other drainage materials enter them.

This makes such a structure an ideal choice for a number of different operations. Whether it’s for tank/hopper cars or trucks, seatainers or any other form of transportation, canopies can be easily installed and last for years.

When you purchase a canopy through Carbis Australia, you can be sure that the product will be designed specifically to your facility so it integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure. These canopies come in either single or double-sided designs, and can include skirts if desired.

Protect your operators and products from the elements while loading and unloading.

Protect your operators and products from the elements while loading and unloading.

If needed, a company can adopt a full enclosure model designed to meet unique requirements of any particular site. Not only does this ensure work goes smoothly, but  will also lead to higher levels of safety in the workplace.

These canopies are available in either aluminium or several types of steel, including galvanised, mill or painted. Fibreglass units are also available.

All factors are taken into consideration, including the potential for damaging wind and storms. This ensures the structures will stay strong no matter what the weather brings.

Cleaning carts are far more than just mobile rubbish bins

There’s much more to cleaning carts than meets the eye, and although they may just look like trash cans on wheels, an ideal cart will give an employee all the necessary items to get the job done right.

Spacepac Cleaning Carts

Revolutionary line of highly featured, high aesthetic compact
cleaning carts for light cleaning and waste collection

SpacePac has a revolutionary line of Spacepac cleaning carts that come with a number of options for waste collection, all caged in an aesthetically pleasing case that can go anywhere.

In addition to the rubbish bin, these carts will have tool organisation compartments that easily store tongs, scrapers, pens and dusters. Below this there is a nine gallon storage compartment with a wide opening that makes it easy to store and retrieve all kinds of cleaning supplies.

The ergonomically designed handle ensures operator comfort, and the ideal height of the grips make it easy to see above and around the mobile unit. There are also several hooks along the sides of the product, which workers can use to hang a range of products. This may include mops, brooms or window cleaners.

At the center of the cart is the patent-pending 2-way rubbish door, which meets all hygienic requirements. The doors can open front to back or side to side – whatever is easiest for the operator.

SpacePac also has a long line of compact waste and cleaning carts available. These products have many of the same offerings as the standard cleaning cart, but are more tailored for waste stream management systems and the segregation of recyclables and waste.

Both products come with non-marking swivel castors that make handling in tight spaces a breeze, as well as rubber tool grips that make it easy to hang on to the cart no matter how heavy it gets.

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When looking at supply and linen trolleys, go lightweight

Hotels, hospitals and linen services all move huge amounts of clothes, bedding and other items long distances every day.

While it makes sense to invest in a good trolley that will lower employee strain and fatigue while lasting for years, many businesses overlook the importance of choosing a product that is both durable and lightweight.

Finding this good ratio between durability and weight is often rooted in the design of the trolley. For example, a medium-duty trolley will most likely have enough vertical bars to ensure all items stay in their place, but not an excessive amount that would add unnecessary bulk.

However, there are several specifications to look for in a supply and linen trolley aside from the ideal weight. An open supply trolley, for example, is best for carrying bulkier items that can be stacked. These products have three enclosed sides with vertical bars and an open side for loading and unloading contents.

The best models will have a six-wheel configuration that makes manoeuvrability simpler than ever, but also ensures operators can move the trolley in a straight line with ease.

For any operations that deal specifically with linen bags, it may be best to choose a trolley that has three enclosed sides with vertical bars as well as two removable diagonal bars that work to keep linen in even when the trolley is moving.

Linen Trolleys‐Medium Duty

This Open Trolley has three enclosed sides with vertical bars.
Powder coat finish with two vertical handles, and a mesh base.


Both of these products are available from Spacepac Laundry / Linen Trolleys, and offer the needed six-wheel configuration as well as a mesh bottom that helps keep overall weight down.

When purchased from Spacepac, these products can even be tailored to individual operations. For example, if a trolley needs to travel greater distances, there are models available that can accommodate for this.

Spacepac Laundry / Linen Trolleys

Saving thousands in labour and back injury costs with the right lifters and stackers

The need to protect employees from physical strain, fatigue and acute injuries should be enough to prompt anyone to focus on improving worker safety.

However, in addition to keeping workers safe, there are enormous cost benefits to maintaining a strong sense of employee safety in any workplace, whether its a high-rise office or a busy manufacturing or distribution plant.

Last year, SafeWork Australia released a comprehensive report that looked at the true cost of employee injuries to the economy as a whole.

The study showed that in the 2005-2006 financial year, workplace injuries cost Australia an astounding $57.5 billion – 5.9 per cent of GDP in that year.

This number rose even further by the 2008-2009 financial year, when its estimated that injuries related to work cost $60.6 billion.

The report broke down the burden of cost, and found that 5 per cent – or $3.03 billion – is passed on to employers. Employees take on 74 per cent of these costs, and the community is responsible for paying another 21 per cent.

One of the best ways to cut down on these high costs is to invest in products that can reduce or eliminate employee strain, fatigue and the risk of acute injuries.

Lifting Equipment - QuikStak Smart Stacker

Lifting Equipment – QuikStak Smart Stacker

For example, Spacepac’s QuikStak Smart Stacker is a battery powered, hydraulic machine that does all of the work, and can easily stack several items. The machine uses an adjustable infrared height sensor to ensure products are always lifted to the exact level.

Moreover, its large diameter steering wheels and extra heavy duty front wheels make it easy to move and steer, and there are even self-propelled models available.

By focusing on and investing in employee safety through the right machinery, businesses can save thousands of dollars on injury costs.

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