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Alitrak TT900 – Multiple models for a variety of workplace uses

If you’re looking for a piece of heavy duty push or pull tug equipment, look no further than the Alitrak TT900 Battery Electric Tug for all your product moving needs.

Alitrak TT900 Battery Electric Tug

Alitrak TT900 Battery Electric Tug

With a pullpower of 3,000 kg, you can easily move shopping trolleys, hospital beds, industrial cars or containers full of product with ease throughout your work site without the fear of suffering personal injury from strain.

This battery powered piece of equipment can help you to push or pull without physical effort, regardless of the terrain – making it ideal for application in airports, food services and pharmaceuticals, hospitals, caravan parks or retail and wholesale operations.

The Alitrak TT900 Battery Electric Tug also contributes towards your company’s sustainability efforts by being electric powered, helping to reduce the overall carbon emissions from your business and working towards saving Mother Nature.

Alitrak TT900 Battery Electric Tug Towing a 4 Bin Trailer

Alitrak TT900 Battery Electric Tug Towing a 4 Bin Trailer

European designed for long-lasting quality, the design is sleek and easy to clean which helps to reduce the amount of time spent cleaning and maintaining the machine so you can focus your attention on growing your business and creating innovation.

The Alitrak TT900 Battery Electric Tug comes in a variety of different modules. It can be built with a platform, or designed as a scooter – complete with a seat – in order to ensure comfort for your employees, regardless of how long they will be operating the machine.

Furthermore, the speed, acceleration and braking settings are completely programmable, allowing you control over the machine in order to protect your employees, your produce and your business as a whole. The maximum speed available to the scooter and platform designs is 11 km per hour.

The three models vary in weight, ranging from 256 kg right through to 300 kg for the scooter model, and their frames are made from powdercoated steel for lightweight, long lasting durability.

Regardless of your industry, the practical applications of the Alitrak TT900 Battery Electric Tug can help to improve the productivity of your workplace and foster a more efficient workforce that you can be proud of.

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Skatework Platform Tug – Fantastic for application across a number of industries

Regardless of your company’s industry, chances are that at some point or another, you’ve come across the problem of having to move heavy amounts of product and found yourself lacking the proper equipment to do so safely and effectively.

Skatework Battery Electric Platform Tug

Skatework Battery Electric Platform Tug

However, this can all change with the Skatework Battery Electric Platform Tug, a rideable platform with the capacity for moving up to 1,000kg of weight with ease.

These electrical platforms are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including airports and airfields, hotels, aged care, food and pharmaceuticals, hospitals, wholesalers, retail and a whole lot more.

The Skatework Battery Electric Platform Tug offers a back support for the operator, in order to facilitate comfort and safety while the machinery is in use. This is especially important when there are long distances to be travelled in order to provide a comfortable experience for all applications.

Skatework Battery Electric Stand-On or Sit-On Tug

Skatework Battery Electric Stand-On or Sit-On Tug

The back support also aims to reduce the incidence of operator fatigue and increase productive turnover for the trolley as a mode of transportation for both workers and product – which works towards increasing the overall productivity of your employees and your business.

There is the option for the Skatework Battery Electric Platform Tug to come with a spare battery pack as well, making it the perfect solution for industries and companies where 24 hour operation is paramount, such as in hospitals, nursing homes and airports.

The minimal maintenance and easy use of the Skatework Battery Electric Platform Tug are also fantastic features, as well as sporting non-marking tyres and a horn for awareness in busy, bustling areas.

Furthermore, all units are shipped with easy to use operational instructions and details for maintenance, as well as an optional training video for en masse education of workforces – ensuring that your business complies with the proper operational and safety protocols to avoid injury and reduce the risk of unnecessary damages.

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Carbis safety rail gates – Perfect for reaching rail car access hatches safely

Carbis are the world leaders in fall prevention, with a wide range of safety products designed specifically to keep you and your workers safe on site.



Sometimes in the harsh winter weather, the conditions may not be the most favourable for climbing up and down the sides of rail cars in order to reach the access hatches on the top.

There have been incidents of workers falling from the tops of these rail cars in horrid weather, due to a lack of railing or safety accessory of some sort.

If you’re site is regularly battered with bad weather, or you just want to ensure the safety of your workers, Carbis has designed safety rail gates that fit onto most rail car railings.

These lightweight aluminium or primed steel fittings are portable, allowing you the flexibility and freedom to use them on any rail car that needs to be accessed.

Furthermore, they all come equipped with locking pins and hazard stripes for ease of added security and ease of identification.

These small enclosures are designed to reduce the risks of your workers falling through the crashbox opening, or over the side of the car.

All of this works towards ensuring your worksite is the safest it could possibly be in order boost the productivity of your workers, reduce the incidence of injury, and decrease the risk of potentially costly downtime.

When used in conjunction with a Carbis Canopy solution, you’re providing your workers with the ultimate in element protection. Rain or shine, you can rest assured that you’ve taken all the possible steps towards keeping you and your workers safe out on the site.

And, like all Carbis products, they can be tailor made to fit your specific requirements, ensuring that the product you pay for can be used safely and securely on your worksite.

CARBIS – The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment

Carbis Lifeline systems – Safe, easy access to trucks and rail car access hatches

One of the biggest hazards on most work sites occurs when workers fall from high places, off the tops of truck trailers and rail carts. One of the solutions created by Carbis is known as a trolley beam system, or lifeline system.

Trolley Beam Systems

Trolley Beam Systems

The line, which connects to a stable metal frame, wraps around the worker as a harness – allowing them to walk freely across the vehicle without the risk of slipping and falling.

There are a number of advantages in using the lifeline system over a traditional cable system. One of the main differences is the distance one can fall before being stopped.

A cable system can potentially let a person fall 1.2 to 1.8 metres before the fall is totally arrested. During this time, it is entirely possible for the worker to sustain secondary injuries from impacting with the truck or other objects in the vicinity.

The lifeline system, however, is designed to stop a fall within less than 0.6 metres, significantly reducing the chances of injury occurring on the worksite.

These systems can be operated hands-free and utilise a self-retracting lifeline to allow freedom of movement, offering the user full use of their arms and legs while they get to work on the top of vehicle – sampling goods, loading/unloading, inspecting, or connecting hoses to outlets.

Furthermore, like all Carbis products, these lifeline systems can be custom made to fit your specific needs or existing on-site infrastructure.

They can be designed with either single or multiple car access points and offer you an economical, environmentally safe solution for getting to the access hatches on a variety of vehicles – including tanks cars, hopper trucks and seatainers.

If you’re interested in an innovative, safer way for your workers to get to access hatches around your worksite, consider investing in a Carbis lifeline system today.

CARBIS – The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment

Carbis hopper car handrail system – Effective hatch access solution for your rail cars

If your site regularly deals with hopper cars and trucks, it is an important factor to consider the safety of your workers – especially if they regularly need to access the hatches on top of the carts.

Hopper Car Handrail

Rail Car Safety Improved with Hopper Car Handrail Fall Prevention System from Carbis

One solution available to you is the Carbis hopper car handrail system. The system works to protect your workers by providing a cage handrail system that connects to the top of your hopper cars.

This then lowers down and locks into place, contributing towards a safer working environment for your employees and helping to reduce the incidence of falling from the tops of vehicles.

The system gives employees the full range of motion around the top of the carriage, while actively working to reduce the risk of injury-inducing falls.

Another one of the safety accessories that can be installed alongside the Carbis hopper car handrail system is the fall arrest system, which aims to provide even more protection for your workers.

Furthermore, the system can be configured to work with multiple systems and multiple rail cars – which can also be custom made to fit your existing infrastructure.

Your workers will be able to carry out their jobs with a greater ease, helping to improve productivity and streamline your company’s processes to a greater extent.

The Carbis hopper car handrail system is designed with your rail cars protection in mind also, with a padded lower edge to ensure the vehicle is safe from scratches and other collateral damage that could be caused.

And like all Carbis products, the hopper car handrail system can be constructed from a variety of materials and in a flexible way, in order to suit your worksite and ensure maximum productivity.

If you’re in the market for a new, safer way for your workers to operate and access rail car hatches, investigate the Carbis hopper car handrail system today.

CARBIS – The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment

Marine Loading Arms – A safer, more secure way to transfer products

One of the more common issues with those working with marine vessels comes with the loading and loading of product. The hoses that are used are often extremely heavy and cumbersome to move, while also causing a tripping hazard for your workers.

However, Carbis has developed marine loading and unloading arms, which are designed to help eliminate these troublesome issues with ease.

Marine Loading Arms Can Increase Efficiency, Safety and Productivity

Marine Loading Arms Can Increase Efficiency, Safety and Productivity

These self-supporting systems provide a flexible range of bending and weight factors, in order to ensure your company can continue to function at the highest level possible – increasing both productivity and safety.

The potential for injury or accidents to occur is reduced when the work is overtaken by a partially or fully automated machine, helping to keep you and your workers safe while they’re onsite.

Furthermore, there is more room for productivity, with only one person being required for a job which usually needs the involvement of at least two workers.

The marine loading and unloading arms are operated by hand controls and hydraulic power, which reduces the amount of manpower needed to functionally operate the system.

The marine loading arms are also equipped with environmental fail safes. These are designed to help prevent major spills of oil, chemicals, or other hazardous materials that these ships could be transporting. This is designed to avoid expensive incidents from occurring – both financially and environmentally.

The arms can be custom made to suit your application for them, and can be made from a variety of different materials including carbon steel, low temperature steel, and stainless steel.

Carbis marine loading and unloading arms can be integrated into a new dock, or retrofit into an existing dock, depending on your company’s situation.

Furthermore, a reduction in maintenance and operation costs can help you to save time and money – which can further help you to increase the safety and productivity of your worksite.

CARBIS – The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment

Increase your tarping protection with a Carbis flatbed platform

Trying to put a tarpaulin over a load without proper visibility can be difficult and dangerous. Shifting contents, slippery or uneven surfaces, and the weather are just a few of the risks associated with tarping flatbed trucks.

Tarping or Securing a Load on a Flatbed can be Dangerous - Flatbed Tarping Platform Improves Safety

Tarping or Securing a Load on a Flatbed can be Dangerous – Flatbed Tarping Platform Improves Safety

This is why Carbis has developed flatbed platforms to facilitate an easier, safer way of covering goods on the backs of trucks with an effective tarping system.

Whenever a truck is being loaded on your site, you are accountable for the safety of anyone loading the goods onto the back – regardless of whether they’re your employees.

These platforms provide a safer ways for people to cover their truck backs with a protective tarpaulin, as well as securing goods and inspecting.

Once the flatbed is positioned between the two platforms, they are moved to the sides of the vehicle in order to sandwich the truck between them. This helps to prevent your workers from falling in between the truck and platform.

Furthermore, there are swing gates around the platforms in order to further protect the wellbeing of the employees at your site.

Having the added height and vision means that you can effectively cover the whole back of your trucks without any hassles, helping to increase productivity overall.

The flatbed platforms are constructed from lightweight aluminium, which makes their movement from place to place easier, allowing for a greater range of manoeuvres. This can also be taken care of by one person, which aims to increase your site’s overall productivity.

Carbis flatbed platforms are available as single or double-sided systems, with the option of having a canopy installed for further protection from the elements. The best protection against workplace injury is prevention, so investigate making an investment in a tarping flatbed platform today!

CARBIS – The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment

Loading Arms – Carbis’ solution for handling corrosive materials

If your company handles a lot of chemicals and fluids daily, it could be worth looking into the Carbis range of loading arms for all your loading and unloading purposes.


These arms can be custom made to suit your business’s needs, and the variety of swivel joints used provides the largest degree of flexibility and leak-free operation.

Furthermore, these arms have an unparalleled range of movement, with over 95 degrees of working range in order to reach more openings than any competition.

These loading arms are fantastic for loading and unloading a variety of vehicles, especially if the material is corrosive or otherwise harmful to humans contact. They also feature a variety of safety accessories to protect your workers.

By utilising a spring cylinder balancing system, Carbis loading arms have a safeguard against major disaster in the event of spring failure.

The torsion spring balancing system permits a full range of simple adjustments to be made with a wrench – the ultimate in user-friendly solutions for spring adjustments.

There are four different types of loading arms available – single arm with a fixed reach, the scissor type arm, the supported boom arm, and the unsupported boom arm.

Each of these arms has different benefits, and can be used for a variety of vehicle solutions.

For example, the single arm with a fixed reach is primarily used for loading and unloading rail cars through open domes, and is designed for top loading installations where the vehicle is always the same distance away from the valve.

In contrast, a scissor type arm is more versatile and capable of being used for top loading installations where the opening range could vary. A second arm rotates 360 degrees, effectively doubling the arm’s length.

Carbis loading arms can be integrated with fall-prevention safety enclosures in order to offer your operators uncompromised protection and ensure their safety throughout their daily duties.

CARBIS – The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment

Carbis Safety Enclosures and Gangways – Providing custom-made site safety

If operator safety is a concern at your workplace, consider investing in Carbis safety enclosures in order to ensure their protection and promote a healthy, safe work environment.


These enclosures can be custom made for your company, ensuring maximum flexibility for their application at your worksite.

Their use extends to truck venting, hatch loading, sampling of goods, and connecting hoses in higher, hard to reach locations without the fear of falling and causing injury.

Furthermore, an incorporated gangway allows for easy vertical height adjustment – perfect for reaching the tops of a wide variety of vehicle types, including tank cars and trucks, hopper trucks and seatainers.

Constructed from aluminium or galvanised, primed, mill, painted or stainless steel, the safety enclosures and gangways are padded around the lower edge in order to protect your vehicles from the metal and any exterior damage it may inflict.


The gangways also have a number of safety accessories available – including a 1.5-metre handrail that offers further stability and peace of mind to your operators, ensuring they can continue their jobs uninhibited.

Inboard metal safety screens are also available for this piece of equipment. These fill the gap between the platform and the vehicle to ensure that inward falls are hindered – especially on extra-wide models of the enclosure gangway.

Optional flip-up floor panels are also available that allow full access to vehicle hatches without the safety risks – virtually eliminating any spotting problems within your company.

Eliminating the safety risks associated with vertical work on vehicles can enhance your revenue by maximising efficiency, reducing risks and satisfying your workers’ need for safe practises around the site.

Whether you’re aiming to increase warehouse safety or the general standards of your working site, Carbis safety enclosures could be the perfect solution for your company.

CARBIS – The World Leader in Fall Prevention Equipment

Pelican Introduces The Pelican ProGear™ Mobile Phone Accessories

(SYDNEY, AU – July 11, 2013) As part of the new line of fully-interactive mobile electronics protection, Pelican Products Inc, the global leader in the design and manufacture of highperformance protective case solutions and advanced portable lighting, introduced the Pelican  ProGear Mobile Phone Accessory products.

Vault accessoriesPelican CE1010 Vehicle Phone Mount Working with most smartphone cases on the market, the CE1010  features a shock absorbing clamp system and 360 degree  movement capability for either portrait or landscape view.  Attaches to most windshields and dashboards, it features a  smooth cam action for a solid mount.

CE1010-2Pelican CE1020 Bike Phone Mount Designed for bicycles, motorcycles or scooters, the CE1020  features a shock absorbing clamp system allowing for easy lock  and release. Fitting up to 33mm diameter handlebars, the mount can be adjusted to multiple angles, making it easier for the user  to view their phone outdoors.

CE1020-1Pelican CE1130 Sport Armband Constructed of stretchable, sweat-resistant neoprene material, the CE1130 Sport Armband features a storage pouch for keys,  money, credit cards or other essentials. It also features a clear  polymer protective cover that allows the user to operate their phone on the go.