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  DAVELL - Laptop Locker
Laptop Lockers, 1 page
Available with 8 and 12 Doors
  • Specially Designed for laptops.
  • Fully Welded Frame for Strength & Stability.
  • Reinforced Doors.
  • Flow-Through Ventilation Louvres.
  • Allows natural airing.
  • Ideal for security sensitive areas.
  • The widest range of lockers in Australia.
  • All lockers are manufactured in Australia so you can be assured of their quality and workmanship.
  • Strength, security and long life is guaranteed by the use of prime grade BHP steel.
  • Each locker is manufactured on a fully welded frame giving it strength and stability.
  • Full length internal door reinforcement gives added strength.
  • New louvre design for better flow-through ventilation.
  • Environmentally friendly, chip and scuff resistant Dulux thermoset powdercoat.
  • Available in a wide range of colours and finishes including metallic and ripple.
  • Locking options include - three point key locking, three point padlocking, single point key, single point padlocking or keyless digital.
  • Available with a sloping top. - Lifetime Warranty
Available in 1 tier, 2 tier, 3 tier, 4 tier, 6 tier, 8 tier, and 12 tier. And also available in bank of 1 to 3
Non standard lockers - Please email us if you require a locker of different dimensions or to serve a certain need
Manufactured from 1.2mm thick BHP steel with secure 3 point locking.
Separate Personal & Hanging Compartments
Specially Designed for School Backpacks, Books,and a Coat.
Allows natural airing of damp clothing or where extra ventilation is required. Ideal for Security Sensitive Areas.
Designed for large backpacks
Purpose built for the Fire Brigade, Police, SES, RAAF, etc
Ideal for temporary security of personal belongings - Leisure centres, Golf clubs, Theatres, Hospitals, Libraries, Shopping centres, Bus and Railway stations.
Stands only, Stand & Seat, Bench seating (single / Double)
DAVELL - Mobile Shelving / Fixed Track Mechanically Assisted
Spacesaver (V3) SB Manual 2 pages np
Self Based - Manually Operated


Spacesaver (V3) SB Mechanical 2 pages np
SELF BASED, Mechanically Assisted