Office and Industrial Storage System
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Widest range of Storage systems, all Brownbuilt products are supported by a quality based on Australia standard AS/NSZ ISO 9001:2000.

Product Ranges:


Affordable Storage Solutions

  • Heavy Duty - All Steel construction
  • Anti tilt safety system
  • Central key locking system
  • Central Recessed aluminium handle
  • Full extension ball bearing runner system
  • Full box drawer body with PVC strip
  • Removable drawers
  • Powder Coated exterior finish
Anti-Tilt Filing Cabinets
Legato Filing Cabinets
Dimension Filing Cabinets
Mobile Pedestals
Lateral Filing Cabinets
Cast Alloy Handle, Stylish, contemporary slimline exterior design, featuring an aesthetic finger-grip alloy handle, is matched by superior internal engineering.
Full Width Aluminium Handle with Cardholder facility. To provide reliable and practical office storage. Surrounds the Legato's smooth, reliable drawers with a strong dependable cabinet, supported by a structural welded internal frame.
Dimension's high-sided zincseal drawers can easily support your filing needs and runner buffers prevent drawers drifting open when closed for additional safety.
combine the strength and durability of full metal construction with an aesthetic design that will compliment any desk or workstation system. The carcass structure allows for ease of file storage, front-to-rear, and the flexibility for installation under desks or return.
These multi-functional storage units suit personal or communal file access and provide additional work surfaces or work area partitions.A progressive ball bearing runner system fully extends smoothly even when fully loaded to allow complete access to each drawer.
715/1021/1327 H x 453 W x 620 D (mm)
2, 3, 4 Drawers
715/1021/1327 H x 453 W x 620 D (mm)
 2, 3, 4 Drawers
411/670/715/1021/1327 H x 453 W x 620 D (mm)
1, 2, 3,4 Drawers
535.680 H x 487 W x 535 D (mm)
2, 3, 4 Drawers
726/1030/1330 H x 900 W x 475 D (mm)
2, 3, 4 Drawers
Waratah Cupboards
Swing Door Cupboards
Namco Swing Door Cupboards
Sliding Door Cupboards
Index Card Cabinets
Cupboard represents the future direction for office storage by offering space efficient engineering, durability and modern designer looks.
Brownbuilt Swing Door Cupboards have been
developed to carry anything from office stationery
to light machinery parts and tools. They can be
configured as shelving units, multi-media storage
units, wardrobes or as combinations.
The attractive contemporary design ensures dependable, flexible and convenient storage. Supplied complete with adjustable shelves for you to utilise your available storage space. With optional accessories you can convert levels into folder storage and compartment filing.
Sliding door cupboards have been proven performers in organisations of all sizes providing secure shelf-based storage and low-cost additional work surfaces. A durable riveted metal construction with welded shelf support channels means that Brownbuilt sliding door cupboards can withstand a lifetime of use.
Brownbuilt card cabinets have been specifically designed for storage of the most common index card sizes.Configured as two drawer units, each card cabinet has nesting domes for vertical stacking to maximise office storage space.
680/1020/1330/1980 High mm
900/1050/1200 Wide x 475 Deep mm
1030/1800/1983H x 910W x 450D (mm)
CCH, C18, C20
1021/1400/1600/1800/1990 Hight mm
450/400 Wide x 450 Deep mm
1021 H x 890/750 W x 460 D (mm)
C4S, C9S
225/180H x 470/357W x 478D (mm)
A5, A6
Plan File Cabinets
Rifle Lockers
Commercial Shelving
Maxtor Mobile Storage
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Brownbuilt horizontal plan files have been engineered for safe, efficient storage of diverse materials ranging from plans, maps, charts, photographs, engineering drawings, artwork through to geological and biological samples.
Whatever your needs, a Brownbuilt locker will accommodate them. Our expert staff are available for on-site consultations, to determine individual storage solutions for optimum user comfort, safety and space efficiency.
Commercial Shelving combines the strength and durability of Light Duty RUT shelving with aesthetics and versatility to enhance modern office designs. Metal cover panels ensure a clean, attractive finish to the ends of shelving stacks.
Commercial Shelving combines the strength and durability of Light Duty RUT shelving with aesthetics and versatility to enhance modern office designs. Metal cover panels ensure a clean, attractive finish to the ends of shelving stacks.
SPACE: Compact storage means that costly floor space is saved, by up to half. TIME: File access is quicker due to better organization and controlled storage.
555H x 1355W x 960D (mm)
6, 10 Drawers
960/1800/1974 H x 300/375W x 450D (mm)
Flat/Slopping Top, full-8 Tiers
1875/2175H x 900/1200W x 300/400D (mm)
1875/2175H x 900/1200W x 300/400D (mm)
wide ranges of accessories
2170/2320H x 760/910/210W
Base Widths: 800mm/950mm/1250mm
Standard Lengths: 2560mm/3200mm/4160mm

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