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premium ergonomic MONITOR ARMS and LCD mounting solutions for commercial display
The SPACEDEC family, consisting of Acrobat, Display and Freestanding ranges, offers a premium, fully ergonomic and comprehensive range of LCD mounts for home, office and commercial applications up to 24” or 9kg/20lbs.
SPACEDEC products are brilliantly engineered and made of the highest quality materials.
Smart features developed by ATDEC and used in the SPACEDEC family allow users to adjust monitor height, viewing distance and tilt from a seated position with minimal effort.
SPACEDEC Acrobat Articulated Arm
SPACEDEC Acrobat Articulated Wall Arm
SPACEDEC Acrobat Swing Arm
SPACEDEC Acrobat Swing Arm Double
SPACEDEC Acrobat Swing Arm Wall
SPACEDEC Acrobat Swing Arm Notebook
SPACEDEC Acrobat Swing Arm Accessory Holder
SPACEDEC Display Donut Pole Single
SPACEDEC Display Donut Pole Double
SPACEDEC Display Donut Pole Triple
SPACEDEC Display POS Multi
SPACEDEC Display POS Multi in Back to Back
SPACEDEC Display Ceiling Mount
SPACEDEC Display Direct Wall
SPACEDEC Display Donut 42mm and 50mm
SPACEDEC Freestanding Single
SPACEDEC Freestanding Quad
SPACEDEC Freestanding Hex
LCD MONITOR mounting solution & NOTEBOOK HOLDERS for the office and home
The VISIDEC family, consisting of Focus, Traveller and Freestanding Ranges, are contemporary designed mounts for LCD displays for home and office applications.
VISIDEC offers great value in terms of price and functionality, award-winning design, and ease of installation.
An unique universal LCD screen attachment head which allows users to adjust their VISIDEC Focus mount to suit 75mm x 75mm (3” x 3”) and 100mm x 100mm (4” x 4”) mounting hole patterns. The FlexiStar™ is a makes choosing a right mount for your monitor easier.
Click here to Download - Brochure VISIDEC , 10 Pages (862 kb)
VISIDEC Focus Articulated Arm
VISIDEC Focus Articulated Arm Double
VISIDEC Focus Micro
VISIDEC Focus Articulated Arm Wall
VISIDEC Focus Wall Direct
VISIDEC Freestanding Double Horizontal
VISIDEC Freestanding Double Vertical
VISIDEC Freestanding Quad
VISIDEC Traveller 14T
VISIDEC Traveller 17T
TELEVISION & PROJECTOR Mounting Solutions - For the home and commercial space
With TELEHOOK products, mounting large LCD and plasma TVs and displays is easy. The TELEHOOK range offers comprehensive solutions for small (from 12”) and large (up to 63”) displays in the home and commercial environments.
The wide range includes wall and ceiling mounts as well as universal solutions for mounting projectors, giving you the flexibility to choose the best way to mount your display.
TELEHOOK mounts are easy to install and guarantee that your display will be securely mounted.
TELEHOOK Cable Manager
TELEHOOK Cable Manager Shelf System
TELEHOOK 12-24” Wall Fixed
TELEHOOK 12-30” Wall Multi
TELEHOOK 20-37” Wall Fixed
TELEHOOK 23-37” Wall Fixed
TELEHOOK 26-37” Wall Articulate Arm
TELEHOOK 30-50” Wall Rotating
TELEHOOK 31-55” Wall Tilt
TELEHOOK 31-55” Wall Swing Arm
TELEHOOK 31-55" Wall Swing Arm Accessory Kit
TELEHOOK 32-60" Wall Fixed
TELEHOOK 32-63” Wall Tilt
TELEHOOK 37-63” Wall Articulated Arm
TELEHOOK 31-55” Ceiling Tilt
TELEHOOK 31-55” Ceiling Tilt Back to Back
TELEHOOK 31-55” Ceiling Tilt Accessory Kit
TELEHOOK Projector Flush Mount
TELEHOOK Projector Ceiling Mount