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Choosing the Right Pit and Cover Combination
  • It is critical that the correct pit and cover combination is chosen for the location and application.
  • In choosing which product should be used, the Pit Location, Cover Type adn Pit Type must be considered.
Pit Selector and Load Classifications
  • Product Selector and classifications as Australian Standard which is determined by Size, Volume and Location.
Spacepac Concrete Pits
P_Series Introduction and Features of Polymer Concrete Pits, 2 pages
  • Suitable for Carpartks, Pavements, Sports venues, Driveways, Industrial Sites, Urban distribution, Airports and other applications.
Polymer Concrete Pit - Type 52 and Type 63, 2 pages
  • Type 52 - 505mm x 220mm x 435mmD
  • Type 63 - 645mm x 300mm x 735mmD
Polymer Concrete Pit - Type 33 with riser, 1 page
  • Type 33 - 340mm x 340mm x 450mmD
Polymer Concrete Pit - Type 95 and Type 96 with riser, 2pages
  • Type 95 - 1014mm x 507mm x 600mmD
  • Type 96 - 990mm x 695mm x 615mmD
Polymer Concrete Pit - Type 66 and Type 66H, 2 pages
  • Type 66 - 665mm x 665mm x 615mmD
  • Type 66H - 665mm x 665mm x 915mmD
Polymer Concrete Pit - Type 8, 1 page
  • Type 8 - 1395mm x 580mm x 600mmD
Polymer Concrete Pit - Type 99, 1 page
  • Type 99- 1010mm x 1010mm x 575mmD
Spacepac HDPE Plastic Pits & Covers
P series Plastic Pits and Cover Introductions and Features, 2 pages
  • Light weight, easy to cut, resilient units.
  • Applications: Lanscaped areas, Sports fields, Pavements, Domestic environments, Accidental trafficable locations, Lighting Pits.
P series Plastic Pits and Cover Ranges and Details, 4 pages
  • Type: P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P9, 43 ... and Accessories