Brochure Holders

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Weatherproof Outdoor Literature Display Box, 1 Page, NP
ASI - Acrylic Fittings and Brochure Holders, 2 Pages, NP
ASI - Slatwall Accessories: Shoe Fittings / Brochure Holders / Hooks, etc , 8 Pages, NP
Brochures Holders, Postcard Holders, Storage Units (A4.A5 and trifold) and Accessories, 3 pages
  • Clear high impact Polystyrene
  • Scratch resistant
  • Designed as a modular system to mix and match
  • Maybe combined with other brochure holder types to form desk and wall displays.
Trolley Displays, 1 page
  • Expanda-stand Foyer Stands are uniquely designed postcard and brochure holders for literature displays in high traffic areas.
  • Our plastic brochure holders are available in many combinations.
Leaflet Dispensers - Wall Display Racks & Wall Displays, 1 page
  • Expanda-stand's quality wall display racks make effective, visually striking leaflet dispensers.
  • Our Wall Display Racks are Tremendously Flexible
Storage Carousel Systems, Carousel Signs and Foyer Stands, 2 pages
  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction
  • Expanda-stand supply specially designed carousels featuring fully interchangeable brochure display pockets
  • Modular design
  • You can design and customise a carousel & Foyer Stands to target your unique product requirements.
Wall Systems: Uprights, 1 Page, NP
Wall Systems: Accessories, 1 Page, NP
Autopole Portable Display System, 1 Page, NP
Autopole Portable Display System Accessories, 1 Page, NP
Gridmesh: Economical Merchandising System, 1 Page, NP
Spaceline: Elegant Cable Merchandising System, 1 Page, NP
Ticketing Systems: Sign Holders, Professional Signage System, 1 Page, NP
Carousel Brochure Holders, 1 Page, NP
Standing-Wall Brochure Holders, NP
VS Series
Snap Frames 1 Page, NP
Sign Insert Frames & Stands 1 Page, NP