COMPACTUS Space Saving Filing and Storage Systems
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DEXION - Compactus
DEXION Compactus technology is all about individual modules that compact to eliminate the need for multiple aisles, thus providing huge floor space savings.
When it comes to making the best use of the cube, Compactus integrates with the most advanced shelving systems available, Ultima CI-80, to ensure you can store any item in an orderly and secure manner.


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The Davell Fixed Track Mechanically Assisted Mobile Shelving unit - Spacesaver has been engineered to be robust, functional with a simple but effective design which will give long term trouble free operation with virtually no maintenance required.

Each trolley runs on four 120mm diameter solid steel wheels, each of which are supported by two pre-packed & sealed ball bearings (8 per trolley) which allows for a load capacity in excess of 6000 kilograms.

The unit is operated by rotating a steering wheel mounted at the end of each trolley which drives the wheels through a system of spockets & chain which gives a mechanical advantage to the operator which therefore requires far less effort to move each trolley.

The friction between the wheels & track is increased as the unit is loaded ensuring a smooth operation.Lateral guide wheels are incorporated in each trolley to prevent 'crabbing' and tilting of the shelving bays.

The unit runs on steel tracks which are fixed to the floor and adjusted using laser levelling equipment.An infill floor can be installed between the two tracks reducing the risk of tripping.

All components are treated with a phosphate wash that removes impurities and powdercoated using the latest thermo-set technology.

Powdercoating seals any perforations as opposed to Colourbond (or pre-coated steel) which, when perforated leaves exposed steel that is prone to rust.